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New Classical Architects |* List |* Please add more!

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So I've been collecting loads and loads of names, who put the craft of 21st century traditionalist and New Classical Architecture in the spotlight, and who do well at it. :)

Thought it'd be good to have a list for an overview here. Please post additional names (if possible incl. websites and encyclopedic entries)! Of any new classical contemporary architects that you know of or stumble upon.

The most current version of the architects list can be found here:
List of Architects at Wikipedia

The general thread about new classical / new traditionalist architecture is this:
--- New Buildings Built in Traditional Architecture Style ---

Richmond Riverside by Quinlan Terry, built 1987 (Nick Taimitarha)

List of New Classical Architects
(Driehaus Prize laureates are bold, see post #2)


United Kingdom
  • ADAM Architecture by Robert Adam - Hampshire, Winchester
    Ian Aburrow - Hampshire, Winchester
    Nigel Anderson - Hampshire, Winchester
    John Bulford - Hampshire, Winchester
    Peter Cooke - London
    Peter Critoph - Hampshire, Winchester
    Hartley Davies - Hampshire, Winchester
    Akos Ginder - Hampshire, Winchester
    Mark Himmens - London
    Alex Montague-Smith - Hampshire, Winchester
    David Myres - Hampshire, Winchester
    Tom Orr - London
    Hugh Petter - Hampshire, Winchester
    Darren Price - London
    Wayne Reakes - Hampshire, Winchester
    George Saumarez Smith - Hampshire, Winchester ]
  • James Armitage - Martock, Somerset
  • Richard Ashby - Greatham Liss, Hampshire
  • Charles Bain-Smith - Ashford, Kent
  • Jeremy Blake - Cambridge
  • Julian Bicknell - London
  • Martin Birkett - Tunbridge Wells, Kent
  • Giles Downes - London
  • Richard Elliot - Tunbridge Wells, Kent
  • Robert Franklin - Banbury, Oxfordshire
  • Nicholas Grove-Raines - Edinburgh
  • Craig Hamilton - Llandrindod Wells
  • Digby Harris - Bridlington, East Yorks
  • Jan Hauger (Stanhope Gate Architecture) - London
  • Simon Hurst - London
  • Stephen Langer - Tunbridge Wells, Kent
  • Jan Maciag - Lynch Wood, Peterborough
  • Scot Masker - Ampfield, Hampshire
  • Luke Moloney - Dumfries, Dumfriesshire
  • Duncan Moss - Richmond, Surrey
  • Alex Oliver - Calne, Wiltshire
  • Matthew Pendleton - London
  • Victoria Poole (Poole Phillips Architects) - Pershore, Worcestershire
  • Demetri Porphyrios - London
  • Jeremy Rawlings (Period Home) - Cullompton, Devon
  • Graham Rix - Purley, Surrey
  • Francis Roberts - Preston, Lancs
  • Jonathan Ross - Salisbury, Wiltshire
  • Alireza Sagharchi (Stanhope Gate Architecture) - London
  • Lucy Sheppard - London
  • Giles Shorter (Stephen Langer Associates) - Southsea, Portsmouth
  • John Simpson - London
  • John Smylie (Place Lab) - Belfast
  • Lachie Stewart (ANTA Design) - Fearn, Tain
  • Trevor Sutters - London
  • Francis Terry - Colchester, Essex
  • Quinlan Terry - Colchester, Essex

Others in Europe

Baltic states
  • Kert Kits - Estonia
  • Allan Strus - Estonia

  • Stephane Boens - Belgium
  • Leon Krier & Rob Krier - Luxembourg
  • Colum Mulhern - Luxembourg
  • Harmonische Architectuur - Netherlands
  • SCALA architecten - Netherlands
  • Vizzion Architects - Belgium
  • Friso Woudstra - Netherlands

  • Breitman & Breitman - Paris
  • Maxime D'Angeac - Paris
  • Cogemad - Le Vésinet, Paris metro
  • Peter Kellow - Beauzelle, Toulouse

  • Imre Makovecz (passed away 2011)

  • Dermot Brennan - Dundrum, Dublin
  • Tony Mullen - Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin


  • Andrzej Grabowski

  • José Baganha & Arquitectos Associados




United States

  • Atelier & Co - New York City, New York
    Thomas Beeby (Hammond, Beeby, Rupert & Ainge) - Chicago
    James Collins - New York City, New York
    Cooper Johnson Smith - Tampa, Florida
    Cooper, Robertson & Partners - New York City, New York
    Marianne Cusato - Miami
    Curtis & Windham Architects - Houston, Texas
    Dale Partners - Jackson, Mississippi
    De La Guardia Victoria Architects & Urbanists - Coral Gables, Florida
    Andres Duany & Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk - Miami
    Michael Middleton Dwyer - New York
    Fairfax & Sammons Architects - New York City, New York
    Torti Gallas and Partners - Washington, DC
    Glave & Holmes - Richmond, Virginia

    Michael Graves - New York
    Allan Greenberg - New York; Greenwich, CT; Alexandria, VA
    Milton Grenfell - Washington, DC
    Hartman-Cox Architects - Washington, DC
    HBRA Architects - Chicago, Illinois
    Jackson & Ryan Architects - Houston, Texas
    John Canning Studios - Cheshire, Connecticut
    Gary Justiss Architect - Chelsea, Alabama
    Melichar Architects - Lake Forest, Illinois
    Michael G. Imber Architects - San Antonio, Texas
    Neumann Lewis Buchanan Architects - Washington, DC

  • Lucien Lagrange - Chicago, Illinois
    McCrery Architects - Washington, DC
    Duncan McRoberts - Seattle, Washington
    John Milner - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    Neumann, Lewis, Buchanan - Washington, DC
    New World Byzantine - Charleston, South Carolina
    Peter Pennoyer - New York
    Jaquelin T. Robertson - New York
    Gilbert P. Schafer III - New York
    David M. Schwarz - Washington, DC
    Andrew Skurman Architects - San Francisco, California
    Robertson Partners - Los Angeles, California
    Thomas Gordon Smith - South Bend, Indiana
    Eric J. Smith Architect - New York City, New York
    Eric Stengel Architecture - Nashville, Tennessee
    Robert A.M. Stern - New York
    Roman and Williams - New York City
    Richard Sammons - New York City
    Duncan G. Stroik - South Bend, Indiana
    Earl Swensson Associates - Nashville, Tennessee
    Ken Tate Architect - Covington, Louisiana
    The S/L/A/M Collaborative - Atlanta, Georgia
    Union Studio - Providence, Rhode Island
    Eric Watson Architect - Seagrove Beach, Florida

Other Regions

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The international Driehaus Architecture Prize is the most notable award in new classical and traditional architecture in the world.

It comes with a prize money of $200'000, twice that of the modernist Pritzker Prize. It is given to an architect "whose work embodies the principles of classical and traditional architecture and urbanism in society, and creates a positive, long lasting impact."

New Classical Architecture and 10 years of the Driehaus Prize (2013)

This is a list of the awarded Driehaus laureates since 2003.

2003: Léon Krier - Luxembourg



2004: Demetri Porphyrios - Greece/UK



2005: Quinlan Terry - United Kingdom


source - check the QFT flickr page for much more!

2006: Allan Greenberg - South Africa/United States

2007: Jaquelin T. Robertson - United States

2008: Andrés Duany and Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk - United States

2009: Abdel-Wahed El-Wakil - Egypt

Official Website
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Driehaus Prize recipients in the 2010s:

2010: Rafael Manzano Martos - Spain

2011: Robert A. M. Stern - United States

2012: Michael Graves - United States

2013: Thomas H. Beeby - United States

2014: Pier Carlo Bontempi - Italy

2015: David M. Schwarz - United States

2016: Scott Merrill - United States

Official Website
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Check Wiki for reference:

Also have a look at the respective SSC Thread: Best University to study Classical Architecture?

SSC list of educational institutes, open end:

In the United Kingdom
The Prince's Foundation for Building Community in London

In the United States
Andrews University in Berrien Springs, Michigan
New School for Traditional Architecture & Urbanism in Charleston, South Carolina
University of Colorado in Denver, Colorado
Judson University in Elgin, Illinois
University of Miami in Miami, Florida
Grand Central Academy of Art by the Institute of Classical Architecture and Art (ICAA) in New York City, New York
University of Notre Dame School of Architecture in Notre Dame, Indiana
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-----Reserved for additional content
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You're right, thanks for pointing out! I didn't add that myself.

@Chimer: Thank you for the addition! That's very heavy, ornate stuff. But that sort of is the Russian way isn't it. ;)

It'd be great if you could create a list of his works. This could be included in a Wiki article about Dmitry Barhin then (is there a Russian one already?). For more pictures, I suggest you use the other thread, as this one here is dedicated to the architects themself and only 1-5 examples of their work. :)
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^ Thanks, yeah, I was using that a lot already! :) America is amazing in building networks that are on the spot. You'll find something good for about anything.

This firm unites some really well-crafting people, too:
Historical Concepts

And these guys are phenomenal:
Ferguson & Shamamian

Check their projects yourself. They were just voted into the Top 100 Architects of Architectural Digest. For a reason, obviously. :eek:kay:
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I'm still constantly updating the list of architects, check it out. You can spend hours looking at all the grandeur!

New discovery from Hamburg: Ulrike Krages!
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Well, the "idiot" is right though. Mere link lists aren't allowed at Wikipedia, at least not in such a thematic article. Else we'd have "yellow pages" like articles all around. What I wanted to do is to create a seperate list, that's where we can put it in a table. Perhaps this weekend I'll have some leisure to do it.

Btw, article content at Wikipedia can always be restored via the history. Unless it's copyrighted material that was hard-deleted. This is the New Classical architects list prior to deletion.

As I said, I'll outsource it, so please don't revert again. You might get blocked from editing Wikipedia.
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The architects list of October '14 can be found here: Wikipedia
It's currently put in a proper table format and will be back soon.

Btw, did anyone of you come across Canadian New Classical architects so far? Thanks. :)
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Hi Kandi, thank you for the additions! Though if you check the websites more carefully, you'll realise that BrooksMurray hardly builds new classical, but merely renovates historical buildings. Their new-builts are mostly modernist. Such companies aren't included here. Thanks for your attention :)

The website of Thomas Robinson Architects is exceptional! Great work.
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Thanks for the additions! Everyone also check the current U/C architects' list beforehand (via Ctrl+F search), if they're listed already.

A great stock of talented people is listed here:

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Jeez, how do you find all these Hed Kandi? :)

I'll be quite busy adding all of them to the collection.
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Of course. The list will be shared with all relevant organisations, academic instutions and also with all listed architects (if I manage to get all the contacts). Connecting the New Classical world is the key to success. :)
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This post at the Italian forum helps to identify one or another additional architect:

Comunque anni fa, facevo delle ricerche teoriche sull'architettura "fuori scala".
E mi resi conto che in Italia (e anche in USA) ci sono centinaia di architetti neotradizionalisti che si scagliano contro il modernismo arrivando a tacciarlo anche di anticristianesimo...ovviamente considerano quasi tutto il modernismo fuori scala e fuori contesto rispetto al costruito storico.

Tra i teorici più influenti c'è questo personaggio, non a caso divenuto idolo (ricambiato) di Alemanno durante i suoi anni bui...

In particolare, Salingaros si scagliava (seguito ovviamente da Krier e Portoghesi) contro il decostruttivismo e contro il fenomeno delle archistar che producono in serie architetture sempre simili al loro stile fregandosene del contesto (e in questo secondo me qualche ragione ce l'ha).

Un suo testo particolarmente influente fu questo.

Tra i fenomeni teorici che si pongono in scia in Italia segnalo i seguenti

E tra i progettisti ce ne sono una marea ma segnalo questi che sono i primi che mi sono capitati sotto mano...
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Gosh, I'll be busy for ages to include all those architects I've missed (when banned etc.) in the Wiki list! :lol:

I'll put it back online asap though, so you can add some of the ones listed here by yourself.
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So glad you're back Hed Kandi, alive and kicking! :eek:kay:
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What do you guys think, should this thread be moved to the new Architects Forum?

That one could need a bit of mix-up and everyone interested in all sorts of architects would stumble upon it, not just the classical "classical" fans. ;)
We should start to introduce some of those fabulous architects at the Architects subforum.

For a starter, how about Quinlan Terry and brother, Leon & Rob Krier, Hans Kollhoff, Tobias Nöfer, Robert Stern, David M. Schwarz, ...?! :)
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