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(New) Classical Architecture in Science, Studies, Surveys and the Media

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Let's share our knowledge about scientific papers, studies, polls/surveys and media reports
regarding classical and new classical architecture and urbanism here,
so it doesn't get lost at the general thread anymore.

There's a study by urban planning/architecture/society scientists of Chemnitz Tech University (incl. Dr. Nicole Küster)
for instance that finds classical styles have a much higher stability in value and approval by residents,
compared to modernist concrete structures etc.

Summary (German):

Whole study (German):üster.pdf

The work is currently translated into English.äude_der_TU_Chemnitz,_2015.jpg

Which essays, studies and public opinion polls etc. do you know of?
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@ThatOneGuy , why do you dislike this kind of work? :unsure:
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