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(New) Classical Architecture in Science, Studies, Surveys and the Media

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Let's share our knowledge about scientific papers, studies, polls/surveys and media reports
regarding classical and new classical architecture and urbanism here,
so it doesn't get lost at the general thread anymore.

There's a study by urban planning/architecture/society scientists of Chemnitz Tech University (incl. Dr. Nicole Küster)
for instance that finds classical styles have a much higher stability in value and approval by residents,
compared to modernist concrete structures etc.

Summary (German):

Whole study (German):üster.pdf

The work is currently translated into English.äude_der_TU_Chemnitz,_2015.jpg

Which essays, studies and public opinion polls etc. do you know of?
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There is this website I found with a resumed guide to traditional architecture It covers basic concepts, proportions, terminology but does not go in depth about it. For example, it says that the proportions of the windows should be about 1,6:1, but doesn't say it is the golden ratio
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