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Hi Everyone,

Need some advice. I am looking to purchase a new condo in Mississauga/GTA.

I like the Citygate Complex because the design is modern and the suites have floor to ceiling windows but the building is already looking worn and unkept. I could be wrong but it does not look like they are keeping up with the maintenance of the buildings.

I also like the Grand Ovation but in a way the design is boring. Tridel likes to use the same design as they did with Skymark West and the Mansions of Humberwood. They also they don't have floor to ceiling windows and not all suites have 9ft ceilings. The Ovation complex is well kept and Tridel is known for quality.

I also like the Daniel's Capital Capital Towers have a nice design although I don't think the suites have floor to ceiling windows. They do however have 9ft ceilings. This is a great location right beside City Hall. This building also looks like it is well maintained.

The Absolute Development looks great but being Fernbrooks first attempt at building a condo I am worried about quality. These suites have 9ft ceilings and floor to ceiling windows in some suites. This complex once done is the only gates community which is nice. Downside is you would be living in a construction site for a bit until everything is built.

I am also thinking of One Sherway in Etobicoke. I like the building and it is a great location. Downside would be that the suites do not have 9ft ceilings and also City Centre appears to have more going on (Restaurants/Entertainment, ETC)

Any other new developments that you think would be great in the GTA?

How can I find out how well a property is managed? Are there any websites that show current owners and their reviews? All these condos look great right now being brand new.. but my concern is in a few years with resale, etc. Thanks for any help or suggestions!

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Out of interest, what sort of condo fees do you guys have over there? Obviously there's a wide variety of ranges, but I'm sure it can be summarized in a paragraph or less.

I ask because I was looking at condos in London, Ontario.. And in the end decided to go with a semi - Condo fees turned me right off.. Average in downtown London seems to be around the $280 mark.
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