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Recent Jersey City Updates from Brandon Nagle

Downtown Jersey City

70-90 Columbus

Newark Avenue Pedestrian Plaza is permanent.

Jersey Avenue and Columbus Boulevard

93 Bright Street is finally complete.

286 Varick Street micro-units untouched.

54 Bright Street

28 Bright Street

Adjacent garage demolition

33 Park Place

Almost Waterfront Hotel

30 Montgomery Renovation

URL Harborside and Trump Plaza II

M2/Marbella II

AutoZone replacement tower/First Phase of Hudson Exchange


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Man! You are overloading the page with that many pictures in one single post. Try at least to divide into 2 or 3 posts.

Thanks for the updates.

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Jersey City building boom coming to NJCU campus with $350M plan
By Terrence T. McDonald | The Jersey Journal

NJCU is building new apartments on the west side of campus between West Side Ave. and Route 440. Jesse Brothers | The Jersey Journal

As Sue Henderson begins her fourth year as New Jersey City University's president, she's embarking on the school's biggest project in years, a $350 million expansion that aims to transform the West Side neighborhood surrounding the university.

The long-awaited expansion plans, which are up for a state tax break next Thursday, would add four private residential buildings totaling 600 units; ground-floor retail shops; a grocery store; a gym; a restaurant; and a 424-bed dorm under construction now, all on a vacant, 21-acre lot the university owns between Route 440 and West Side Avenue.

A rendering of what New Jersey City University's new western campus will look like after it is developed. Courtesy of NJCU.
Read More Here :

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Man! You are overloading the page with that many pictures in one single post. Try at least to divide into 2 or 3 posts.

Thanks for the updates.
I will try to , I divide it by sections...

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Man! You are overloading the page with that many pictures in one single post. Try at least to divide into 2 or 3 posts.

Thanks for the updates.
Well, this is going to hurt then...multiple posts or not.

Massive update from the past two weeks, covering pretty much everywhere in JC - starting with Downtown:

The Oakman is getting its brick:

The back side:

M2 - exterior mostly complete, interior work ongoing

Trump 2 and URL - URL very near top out, Trump moving up and laying brick on lower floors:

The future URL 2 and 3 site - Trump 2 is not going to have much of a view

Modera Lofts - they work here every day but externally I don't see much progress - a lot of interior work going on. I wonder how they plan to be open in Fall like their sign says

The Morgan - Phase 2 recently was up for approval in planning

70 Columbus

The One - should be opening soon, if it hasn't already. Retail spaces are nearing completion

Pep Boys - gone. Site being cleared, this one should be ready to go up soon since it has its tax abatement

143 Second

Charles&Co - open

NJCU School of Business

33 Park - as others have pointed out, the crane is here:

Trying to imagine how tall it's going to be. 18 Park is 11 stories, this will be 44:

203-207 Van Vorst/Maddox 2

Maxwell Alley project now has a name - Vito A. Lofts

Jersey Ave/Columbus Ave project

251 Newark Ave:

53 Mercer

Wayne St

Building being demolished in Liberty Harbor North area (across from Brownstone Diner). This location will be the next LHN building

93 Bright St - complete

Bright and Varick - nothing yet

367 1st Street

361 Newark Ave

White Eagle Hall

Scaffolding on Metropolis Towers

This banner popped up again on Newark Ave:

The story -

This building in Harborside looks like it's overdue for demolition:

Provost St between Morgan and Bay has reopened to traffic. In the future it will be a plaza

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Journal Square, McGinley Square and other random JC projects.

I borrowed a car so I was able to travel to some farther locations

Montgomery Gardens - a few hours after the demolition

Catherine Todd Senior Apartments - the one building that will remain (for now there are 3)

County Prep HS Expansion

Site of St. Peter's University building Aug12act.pdf

720 Bergen Ave - also recently went before the planning board. 5 Stories, 58 units

The building across the street, 725 Bergen Ave, will also be replaced with a 5 story building - same company as 720 Bergen Ave

Journal Square
HCCC STEM School - under construction

The lot the city recently decided to sell for development

190 Academy St lot - 6 Stories, 122 Units

156-160 Academy St - previously had a for sale sign last time I was here. Approved for 8 Stories and 74 units

169 Academy - across the street, approved for 12 Stories

180 Baldwin - this is a block from the other two approved projects. This area has the potential to change significantly over the next few years

205 Baldwin

61 Newkirk - 5 Stories

87 Newkirk - lot being sold, with approval for 12 stories

30 Journal Square site

City Center/One JSQ/Kushner's forever stalled JSQ site

2851 JFK going to be renovated and made into rental units

Journal Square Plaza 3 - construction restarted

Journal Squared

Skillman Ave project - 2 of the 3 buildings seem complete. A bit strange that one doesn't seem it will open anytime soon due to its location on site, but maybe they'll move the fence over a bit

850 Newark Ave

25 Senate Place

Other projects throughout Jersey City:
New mosque - not sure which of these two lots, but I believe the first one (address is 984-990 West Side Ave)

Gloria Robinson Court Homes Phase 4

The Hudson County Golf Course, now known as the Skyway Golf Course at Lincoln Park West, is now open

Ocean Green Senior Apartments

New PS20 School in Greenville

134-142 Cator Ave, 2 family homes

North St, Jersey City Heights

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That Montgomery Gardens project is dramatic evidence that the Beacon conversion has jumpstarted development in the neighborhood. It's only a matter of time until the commercial/industrial zones nearby get redeveloped. Too bad the new housing won't carry over the Art Deco style though.
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Council OKs 20-year tax break for Downtown Jersey City tower

By Terrence T. McDonald | The Jersey Journal
on September 09, 2015 at 8:46 PM, updated September 10, 2015 at 7:08 AM

A rendering of a proposed 400-unit residential development proposed for Marin Boulevard in Jersey City. (KRE Group)

JERSEY CITY — A 20-year tax break for a 17-story residential building proposed for the Hamilton Park neighborhood won final approval from the City Council tonight.

The $163 million project, which has already won a $40 million state tax break for developer KRE Group, will add nearly 400 units on a parking lot near Unico Towers, at Ninth Street and Marin Boulevard. Construction is expected to begin this month.

The city initially intended to award KRE a 30-year tax abatement, but the deal was amended to 20 years tonight. Asked why, Corporation Counsel Jeremy Farrell told The Jersey Journal to ask Deputy Mayor Marcos Vigil, who declined to explain.
Read More Here :

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Update - smaller projects (from 9/5)

415 Monmouth - 4 Stories, 4 units

429 Monmouth

374 7th St

27 Division St

361 Newark Ave - I feel like I'm missing something here. Are the windows going to be in front of that concrete? Are they going to punch them out of it? I can't quite see how this follows the rendering so far

323 7th St

320.5 7th St

336 7th St

A couple doors down seems to be doing some renovation work

115 Coles St

360 9th Street

795 Jersey Ave - I can't really seem to find much about this. Might be this project:

Lackawanna Terminal - this thing is massive. Maybe one day they'll do something with it

182 14th St - site of future hotel

Cast Iron Lofts and surrounding area

The Embankment - the security guard on site said the second one was starting very soon

6th Street Embankment (the one the city is fighting with Hyman over)

95 Coles St

317 5th St

Erie St Flats

220 3rd St

212 3rd

249 2nd St

222 1st St

The Gannon

217 Bay St

72 Wayne St

56 Wayne St

Newark Ave:
JC Underground - behind the Bistro at Grove

South House

Temporary Halloween store

New Ramen restaurant next to Gypsy Grill

The pet store a few stores down is also becoming a restaurant - not sure what kind yet

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Updates from this weekend, starting with downtown on Saturday:

30 Montgomery - aside from the lobby, they are also replacing the windows. You can see where they have already

Hyatt Hotel

99 Hudson lot - still a lot

Fresh - Healthy Cafe opening soon in 77 Hudson

Colgate Clock Park - still incomplete

Some small renovations-construction on Sussex St

193-213 Van Vorst - the equipment on site seems to have changed. There's now a trash chute on a trailer

33 Park - it appears they are building the center podium and the tower further from Marin first. Seems like it would have been more logical to build the tower on Marin - not sure what their calculations were

Window/Curtain wall mockup

Gull's Cove 2, still quiet

235 Grand - environmental remediation. Construction doesn't seem imminent yet.

From this view it'll rise on the left

28 Bright St

the pile driver in the back is actually for a different project...

...265 York. 267 and 271 are also being renovated as part of this project

54 Bright St

333 Grand site

50 Regent - leasing office is open. Should be open soon if it isn't already

247 York - interior demo and renovation

new realty office

249 Grove

This building definitely used to be a different color - I wonder when it changed. Looks pretty interesting like this

220 York - eventual 3-story infill building

212 York - probably will be similar to 220 York once construction is done

257 Grove - another renovation

70 Columbus and the accessible Path entrance

From 2 story house to 50 Story building

URL, from many different angles

I like how it towers over everything in this view

Both the foreground lots on the right and left are zoned for 38-40 story buildings. This will be a tall intersection.

With Modera lofts, Trump and 111 First site

Trump 2

Can't tell if this is actually brick or precast blocks of brick

The Oakman - a few floors of windows

Juan Ribbon Machine shop - approved for an 11 story building. Parlay Studios (previous tenant) appears to be gone.

143 Second - not much going on outside other than an obvious need to repaint


Modera Lofts - Nexis, I know you keep mentioning that they are not powerwashing, but rather putting on a thin coat of new bricks. I want to believe you, but it's not really obvious from these pictures

Looking at some of the in-between bricks - some seem to be halfway through whatever process they are undergoing - so they are half dark and half red.

And for those who originally pointed out that the windows would be too small, you can see that they've actually punched out some of the brick underneath the old windows in order to fit in bigger, newer ones

Powerhouse - I hope they get to work on this soon - right now it's literally being held up by these cords

Pep Boys site - pile driver parked next to the site

Newport Area - site of 75 Park Lane and 2 Shore Drive North, both purchased by a Chinese company

Holland Tunnel Pier Replacement

Columbus Dr and Jersey Ave - this finally rose a floor

Vito A Lofts aka Maxwell Alley project

Project on Wayne St. Trying to figure out if it's being demolished or rebuilt

A few Citibike stations around town

The only station that's built correctly - in the street instead of taking up the sidewalk

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From Sunday - Bergen Lafayette and the Village

Baker Building

381 Communipaw - don't have any info on this

Canal Crossing area

312-314 Pacific - approved for 4 Stories

326 Pacific - converting an old church to residential

Saint Lofts - schoolhouse converted to condos

460 Grand - approved for 10 stories

367 1st

First Street Park Renovation

397-401 3rd St

367 3rd

129 Brunswick

Across the Street, 124 Brunswick - approved for 5 stories. The artwork on the garage doors is pretty cool

2nd St renovation

318 Newark Ave ("The Galleon)

White Eagle Hall

377 5th St

361 Newark Ave

349 4th

251 Newark

222-224 1st St - this building has not made a lot of progress in the last 3 months, at least from the outside

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95-Story Supertall Planned For Jersey City Waterfront At 55 Hudson Street


Jersey City skyline

In New York City, the current real estate boom has left the largest marks on the Midtown Manhattan and Downtown Brooklyn skylines, but the rise of Jersey City over the past few years has been equally if not more impressive. And while the latest additions across the Hudson have been predominantly residential, YIMBY has word that a 95-story tower is now in the works at 55 Hudson Street, which could make it the tallest building in both Jersey City, and all of New Jersey.

In a previous interview with YIMBY, Jersey City’s Mayor Steven Fulop told us that “Goldman Sachs came in regarding a new tower next to their existing building on the waterfront, and we’re just starting to talk about that.”

And now it seems those plans may soon begin to cycle through the public review process, as the city’s planning documents have been updated with the scoping for 55 Hudson Street.

While few design or usage specifics are yet available, the project will span 920,000 square feet, and planning documents specify commercial/office intent. Given that the new towers of the World Trade Center and Hudson Yards are much larger in terms of square footage — and stand relatively close to 95 floors — it would seem likely that whatever is entering the pipeline at 55 Hudson Street will be mixed-use in nature, likely including either a hotel or residences on its upper floors. The building will have 17,500 square feet of retail space, and 684 parking spots.
Read Full article here :
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