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New master-planned community, North Riyadh

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The project incorporates a 2.2 million sq. m. "Town Center" complex that connects 7 residential sub-divisions located within the same zone.

Owners: Princess Al-Anood Foundation
Al-Romaizan Group


This project looks pretty plush, look at the lagoons, the land scapping and a bunch of houses seem to have private swimming pools
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Very beautiful but thats residential zoning in saudi :D big and nice villas, with a very beautiful atmosphere but.... (no skyscrapers :()
Good project, Riyadh needs more of these.
Now with lots of active Saudi members here, its about time they be given a separate subforum.
I never heard of this.
Where did you read about it?

1,500 unit project in Riyadh
Saudi Arabia: Monday, September 19 - 2005 at 08:33

The Saudi First Company for Development has signed a contract with Al Thamad, a real estate agency, to market a 1,500 unit development in the North of Riyadh which covers 18m sqft. This is one of the largest current development projects in the Saudi capital and includes residential and commercial buildings.
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