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New member here!

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Stumbled upon this forum looking for some Brooklyn Waterfront redevlopment information.

My name is Paul, Im 27 and live on Long Island but work in downtown Manhattan. I will be moving to Brooklyn in the next year or so. :)

I love NYC and I also want to see the Twin Towers rebuilt. Screw the Freedom Tower!!
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A freedom tower hater, great! ur not the only one here ;)

welcome! have fun
Hey Paul, welcome to the forums! Nice to see another new member.
I'm not sure if i can welcome people,cause i'm pretty new myself.
But Paul, i'm right with you on this :)
Subway Nomad said:
Screw the Freedom Tower!!
^ of course you can my dear :D


My name is Justin.. I'm the resident wannabe.. Let me know if theres anything I can do to make your time here @ SSC-NYC more enjoyable..

Cheers ;)
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What up Subway Nomad? :) Good to see another new forumer.

freedom tower hater? Isn't that shocking? ;)
Sup, welcome to the forum.. You will enjoy it i promise.
I like the forum and I like all the peoples attitueds towards the rebuilding of the WTC.

Im very dissapointed how the whole thing has been handled.
Thanks for the welcome, dudes! :D
ahem! and dudettes :)
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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