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hello. just discovered this forum (and section) today. I would be interested in learning how to design stadium. How/where can I do that? Also, can I too launch a challenge? Got into Sketchup and blender, making slow progress with Sketchup.
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Try THIS for starters. I`m in the middle of making new series... Ooops, spoiler alert ;)

This thread would probably be closed soon, so for the next time post your message HERE ;)

Welcome in SSC`s stadia designers society! ;)
Blender is great. It can be quite awkward and downright annoying at first because it doesn't work the way you'd assume but if you're patient enough to learn the interface there's no limit what you can do with it.

I suppose you already know these tutorials but anyway:

Check out the Blender Guru tutorials on YouTube as well.

I also highly recommend you to get Pro-Lighting Skies ( for awesome outdoor lighting. The full version is not free but the demo version is and it comes with three high quality skies.
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