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new photoes of Kunming[1024*768]

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sorry,i can't see any pic...
Great city, I am very proud of my motherland.
Nice pics. The city looks clean and tidy. Could've used a little more color and texture though for the walking surface of the square on pic #3. Looks a little drab the way it is now.
I love Kunming. It will become better and better.
Very clean and elegant city. China just never ceases to amaze me...

相机厂商 Canon
相机型号 Canon PowerShot A70
软件 ACD Systems 数码成像
修改时间 2005-02-02 03:30:13
Exif 版本 V2.2
拍摄时间 2005-01-25 09:14:04
图片尺寸 1024 x 768
压缩率 5 Bits/Pixel
曝光时间 1/1000s
光圈 F 4.0
曝光模式 自动
曝光补偿 EV 0
最大光圈 F2.8
测光模式 多重
闪光灯 关 自动
焦距 5.4 mm
白平衡 自动
宏处理 关
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great pictures! kunming is an awesome metropolis. although i do like the flowery side of kunming better.
1 - 20 of 42 Posts
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