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New Roman House / 10 East Road | Hackney | 17 fl

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My first post!

There's a substantial development underway, just north of the Old Street roundabout, and I haven't been able to find any discussion of it. It's close the the currently-abandoned Eagle House site.

When complete in summer 2012, it will comprise:

  • 680 student rooms
  • Office space
  • Retail space
  • 250-room hotel (I think Premier Inn)

There isn't much information to be found on the internet, but you can see some renderings here:

Go to Projects > Current Projects > East Road

The groundworks appear to be complete across the site, and the hotel segment is progressing quickly. At the very least, it will hide the horrendous Cable & Wireless building behind the site :D
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O blimey thats there. Didnt think to wonder what was being developed, site was cleared a while back. Interesting development. More accomodation is a good thing. A nice finger to Islington from Hackney. Shame it seems to be all the less fortunate boroughs doing all the hard work for London.
I like the form of this building from the main road and side streets, the quality of brick, the break up of the massing and the scale difference with the corner pub. I am not so convinced with the important view looking north from south of the roundabout, it seems a tad dull when the quality of brick and its industrial feel is lost somewhat. This will sit behind a large inter-war resi block so the view wont change. The up and coming diamond shaped hotel might help alleviate this negative point in future.
but it is student accommodation...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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