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New Spots Around Durban

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Hi Guys

There seem to be alot of places (Bars, restaurants, cafes) opening. Every so often some of them stand out, so capturing some of them here.
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P-Town is already hipster cool... if you are brave enough :p (although in saying that, from a property price perspective, I am seeing a massively different demographic starting to move into Pinetown and surrounds)

But yeah, Kloof/hillcrest people don't go out very much... unless its to stokers or the keg for the rugby.
I have never been within Pinetown CBD, but it looks like a beautiful town which needs investments. I sort of love the place the same as Amanzimtoti. I suppose the two have been suffering the most since the North became? At least there seems to be plans for the South of Durban. I believe Pinetown needs the same, more so residents in such great places around the CBD must try and brave up and embrace their town again, for they sure can create something great, for they clearly have the money? If they abandon the town, unfortunately whatever comes in will spread from there to the surrounding suburbs thereafter. Perhaps Heritage theatre should have considered Pinetown when venue complications hit them in Hillcrest, but they sure cannot do it alone, a decent nightlife street within the CBD is needed. Does the decent Crowncrest mall have movies? Why must people all the way from Far West up to Cowies Hill seek entertainment in Florida rd and Umhlanga really? Maybe those guys in Kloof (I so love those old mansions) might find reasons to go out if they get to have a decent town (which they must create themselves quite frankly)?
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I think the major transformations in pine town central for the Go Durban system will signal it's Renaissance
Durban North's friendly rivalry with Morningside, Glenwood, and Umhlanga to establish itself as Durban's trendiest neighbourhood for eateries continues. SA's first dedicated Burrito Bar is about to open there. I must say that I am very impressed by the growth in eateries in Mackeurtan Ave and Broadway Ave (which are linked by Adelaide Tambo, which has eateries of its own). They're great assets to Durban's food scene.


South Africa’s first dedicated burrito bar opens in Durban this week

Monday, September 14th, 2015
by Nikita Buxton

Local entrepreneurs and Wakaberry founders Michele and Ken Fourie will open the doors to South Africa’s first burrito bar this Thursday. The new taqueria-style restaurant, named Four15, will be the latest eatery to hit Durban North’s growing foodie scene.

Four15 will purposely steer away from serving run-of-the-mill Mexican fare. An assortment of burritos will make up the core of the menu: giant tortillas filled with a mixture of Mission-style burrito ingredients such as beans, rice and meat as well as a range of more exotic and exciting combinations, including South African flavours of boerewors and chakalaka.

....Four15 opens its doors at 41 Mackeurtan Avenue on Thursday, 17 September 2015 at 11.30am. There will be various festivities throughout the day, including complimentary cocktails and exciting giveaways. To reserve a table, email [email protected].

More here:

Seems they already getting competition only 200m up the street. This node is flying high

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I cant wait to visit The Chairman soon. These new spots are really changing the face of Durban.
The Food Box is a new indoor market hall of 8 different food businesses. It has opened at 199 Peter Mokaba Road in Morningside.

Based on the pics, looks awesome and a new addition for Morningside away from Florida Road

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Drove past it. Looks good. It's in the new development that replaced the old Jack Rabbits pub, on North Ridge Road.
They would have significantly expanded the retail space that Jack rabbits took up, must be at least 5 times the size
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