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New Style Petrol Station Opens

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Woqod opens first of 50 trail-blazing fuel stations

Al-Attiyah inaugurating Woqod’s first petrol station at Abu Hamour last night

WOQOD (Qatar Fuel) opened its first petrol station at Abu Hamour last night. The QR19mn state-of-the-art facility provides a range of services and sets off a new trend in fuel dispensing in Qatar.

The facility houses a convenience store, Internet cafe, post office, food court, laundry, car wash and oil change bays among other services. A mosque has also been built at the premises.

The petrol station will function round the clock.

Speaking to Gulf Times after inaugurating the petrol station, Second Deputy Premier and Energy and Industry Minister HE Abdullah bin Hamad al-Attiyah, who is also Woqod chairman, said a key feature of the fuel dispensing point was the installation of a vapour recovery system to reduce pollution.

The system receives hydrocarbon vapours from tankers at the petrol station itself during discharge of petroleum products. The vapour will be returned to the loading gantries to be reprocessed and recovered by the recovery unit.

Attiyah said the Abu Hamour facility was the first in a series of 50 petrol stations being planned by Woqod over the next five years. Three more petrol stations will be inaugurated before the year-end. The second Woqod petrol station will be inaugurated at Messaimeer within four months.

Woqod vice chairman and managing director Khalifa Turki al-Sobai said the petrol station was designed by the international firm Circle. The new sites have double walled underground tanks with leak detection systems.

Fuel pipelines have been built to the latest international standards. The fuel dispensers are the most advanced technologically and cannot be found anywhere outside the US.

“The New Sidra brand shop within the facility brings convenience shopping to Qatar. As in the case of the petrol stations all the shops will function round the clock,” he said.

Woqod retail and marketing manager Mark Vidler said the pump attendants would offer to clean the windscreens of vehicles as they halt for fuelling.

“We expect this to set a new trend in Qatar. Our competitors may follow suit and this will enhance the level of customer service across Qatar,” Vidler said.

He said all the Woqod customer service personnel had been through 200 hours of intensive training which covered first aid, fire-fighting, basics of the Arabic language, product knowledge and customer service.

Vidler said Woqod petrol stations would offer a car wash service that would be faster than other such facilities across Qatar.

“We also recycle about 90% of water used to minimise environmental impact. Several tyre bays and workshops have also been provided at our petrol stations. Customers can also choose from a range of lubricants,” he said.

The main contractor on the site was Gettco.

In a recent interview with Gulf Times al-Sobai said all new petrol stations in Qatar would be established and operated by Woqod. The company has been given exclusive rights to establish and operate the petrol stations, whose design will be standardised.

“Every petrol station we are setting up will be a modern fuel dispensing point,” he said.
I think it will look like Emarat or Eppco in UAE.
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saw the opening in today's newspapers. all these reporters, flashes, cutting the ribbon & the fanfare makes you think they opend a nuclear power station.
Halawala said:
They already have a UAE style petrol station in Al Wakra and its one of the best looking I have seen in the country (wakrawi??). Did anybody go there or hear about it?
oh bless your heart, thnx man.
actualy we have 2 petrol stations in wakrah, a new and modern one called al-saeef, it's near the shell (sadfah) roundabout. it contains mini-market, 2 fastfood outlets, laundry, oil change, car wash, and it's a private, doesn't belong to woqood.
the other one, is very old, located on the main road. but few goes there.
Halawala said:
^^ I think they closed down the crappy one, no? cause for a while, Wakra had only one station.
that was al-saeef petrol station, it was very crapy then. yes they did closed it for a while, because of transfer of ownership, then they demolished it and rebuilt the new one right now.
salman515 said:
well isnt the new one in the both sides of the road ? so there should be 2 ? i`m really not sure need confirm from wakrah ? :)
sure ya azizi. the modern & new one, al-saeef petrol station is on your left hand side when you approach the shell (sadfah) roundabout, if you're coming from doha, you can't miss it. the old & crapy one is down further the road, on your left hand side too, opposite the comercial bank(wakrah branch). although it's located on the main road, but you won't notice it, because it's on the corner, it's old, it lacks services & there's few drivers, where most prefer to go the the new one.

franky, i enjoy going to the new one, it's very clean, modern, fast pumping, & the staff are friendly and nice. although it's always busy in most of the day, but you'll get a fast service.

both stations will be on your right hand side if you're coming from musa3eed.
1 - 4 of 21 Posts
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