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Hitachi is Boosting up Railway System Business in Taiwan - Tilting Train Project

Hitachi, Ltd. is now going underway of designing and manufacturing limited express tilting trains for Taiwan Railway Administration (TRA). Its delivery will start at the end of 2006, and total 6 units (48 cars) of tilting trains will be supplied by the end of 2007.

The tilting train is the "A-train" with 8 car vehicles (4 motor cars and 4 trailer cars). Its car body shell is the distortionless aluminum double-skin structure utilizing Hitachi's Friction Stir Welding (FSW) technology. Moreover, the state of the art VVVF inverter units will be provided for the propulsion system.
The tilting system is the controlled-type tilt (maximum 5 degrees tilting angle), which enables to pass the sharp curves quickly and comfortably.

Owing to Hitachi's rich and advanced technologies on tilting trains, travel time between Taipei - Hualien is expected to be shortened after this train is in service.
Hitachi is boosting up railway system business in Taiwan by this tilting train project.

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