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Welcome to the Transportation and Infrastructure sub-forum. Here we will discuss matters relating to public transit, highways, airports, seaports, water management, and other related issues.

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Before starting a new thread, please see the list below:

Public Transit

General Transit Discussions

*Tampa Bay Area General Transit Discussion (Local Agency and Intercity Bus Discussion) - Discussions relating to HART, PSTA, PCPT, Hernando THEbus, and Citrus County Public Transportation. Discussions relating to Intercity Bus providers (Greyhound, RedCoach, Megabus) can also be discussed here. Please keep this thread confined to discussions about the existing systems (things like service changes, existing bus routes, etc.). Discussion of potential transit routes based on referenda planning can be discussed at one of the two transit planning threads.

*Tampa Bay Pedestrian/Cycling Discussion Thread - Discussions relating to pedestrian walkability, bicycle facilities (bike paths, bike lanes, bikes sharing), walking trails, etc.

*Tampa Bay Area Ferry Discussion - Discussions about potential ferry service and routes.

*Tampa Bay Area Ride-sharing Discussion - Discussions about Ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft.

Transit Planning Discussions

*Tampa Bay Bus Routes & Planning Discussion - Discussions about potential local, express, circulator, and Bus Rapid Transit lines. Discussions can be based off planned referenda (i.e. Greenlight Pinellas).

*Tampa Bay Rail Routes & Planning Discussion - Discussions about potential light rail, streetcar, commuter rail, and intercity rail lines. Discussions can be based off planned referenda (i.e. Greenlight Pinellas).

Transit Referenda Discussions

*Greenlight Pinellas Discussion - Discussion relating to the Greenlight Pinellas Sales Tax/Transit Referendum, which unfortunately failed at the polls on November 4, 2014. NOTE: This thread may be closed down at a later date.

*GO Hillsborough - Discussion relating the failed Go Hillsborough Sales Tax Referendum, which did not even make it to the public vote stage.


*Tampa Bay Interstates and Freeways Thread - Discussions relating to freeways throughout the Tampa Bay Area (i.e. I-4, I-75, I-175/275/375, US 19, Gandy Freeway).

*Tampa Bay Toll Roads Thread - Discussions relating to toll roads throughout the Tampa Bay Area (i.e. Selmon, Selmon/I-4 Connector, Veterans/Suncoast, Gateway Express).

*Tampa Bay Area Surface Road Discussion - Discussions relating to surface roadways throughout the Tampa Bay Area (i.e. Dale Mabry Hwy, Kennedy Blvd)

*Tampa Bay Express Lanes (TBX) - Discussions relating to the FDOT Express/Managed Toll Lanes currently in the planning stages for I-4, I-275, and I-75. NOTE: Veterans Express Lanes can go here also.

*Tampa Bay Area Road Closures List - Post any prolonged roadway closures here.


*Tampa International Airport

*St. Pete/Clearwater International Airport


*Port Tampa Bay

*St. Pete Port Discussion

Other Transportation-Related Issues

*Red Light Camera Thread - Discussions about red light cameras in the Tampa Bay Area.

*Cell phone usage/texting while driving in FL Discussion - Discussions about the state texting ban.

Other Infrastructure

*Tampa Bay Water Management Discussion - Discussions about water management systems and SW FL Water Management District (i.e. Hillsborough DeSal Plant).

Other threads will be listed in here soon.

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Did anyone see the hyper loop proposal l that was reported on by Tampa biz journal?
Here is the article:

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies will pitch its futuristic bullet train concept to the Tampa Bay Area Regional Transit Authority in hopes of moving forward with a plan.
The TBARTA staff will hear the presentation this Friday during a virtual board meeting. The item comes before the board as the agency works with consultant WSP to conduct a state-funded feasibility study on new transit technologies for the region.
The Tampa Bay region is preparing to have bus rapid transit for the first time and a future high-speed train, but it needs more options as roads continue to be clogged with congestion and are separated by waterways.
HyperloopTT's system would use a reduced pressure tube with a magnetic levitation system that transports people in capsules. The company's presentation for TBARTA shows it would have magnetic levitated 20-ton capsules to transfer people via an elevated tunnel from Tampa to St. Petersburg, St. Pete to Bradenton and then to Miami.
The routes would be done in three phases.
The phases:
  • Phase 1 would connect from Tampa to St. Petersburg
  • Phase 2 would connect from St. Petersburg to Bradenton
  • Phase 3 would connect Bradenton to Sarasota, Venice, Port Charlotte, Fort Myers, Naples, Fort Lauderdale and Miami
The TBARTA presentation does not address the commute times for the various Florida locations and where exactly the stations would be placed.
The travel capsules can reach a maximum speed of 760 miles per hour and can carry 28 to 50 passengers at a time. They are made to carry 160,000 daily passengers, according to HyperloopTT's presentation.
Andrea La Mendola, chief global operations officer for HyperloopTT, spoke with the Tampa Bay Business Journal last year and said Florida was an ideal marketfor the technology.
Its proposed connections are similar to high-speed rail Brightline as it has South Florida locations and a planned Tampa station. However, HyperloopTT previously stated that it would be more competition for airlines than trains due to linking destinations where plane travel is costly. The presentation even compares HyperloopTT speed to planes.
HyperloopTT says it has an existing commercial prototype in Dubai and a cargo prototype in Germany. The California-based company is also doing a feasibility study in the Great Lakes region where it would have a system connecting Cleveland, Chicago and Pittsburgh.
Although the presentation did not have a breakout of exact funding sources and amounts, it did state it is working with Kimley-Horn for its planning and design engineering and a geotechnical partner, Tierra Inc., which has a Tampa office.
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