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NEW YORK | 2-4WTC | 408m | 1339ft | 383m | 1257ft | 297m | 975ft | Prep

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1WTC (Freedom Tower)

Height: 1339ft (408m)
Floors: 76

Height: 1255ft (383m)
Floors: 71

Height: 947ft (289m)
Floors: 61

Height: Unknown
Floors: Unknown

From left to right: 1WTC by Childs, 2WTC by Foster, 3 WTC by Rogers, 4 WTC by Maki

Since 2WTC-4WTC are basically already under construction, (site prep) I felt that it was time that we started a thread fore them. The towers sites are being excavated now, and foundation work will begin on each of the in December. They are expected to be completed by 2012. Feel free to post pictures and news about these towers.

2007/2008 will simply be incredible:cheers:


Lord Foster’s Tower 2, with a rooftop of four enormous diamonds steeply inclined toward the memorial below, would be as high as the Empire State Building. Tower 3 by Lord Rogers, framed boldly by an exoskeletal framework of diagonal beams, would reach a pinnacle of 1,255 feet at its corner antennas. Even the smallest and subtlest building among them, Mr. Maki’s Tower 4, would be taller than the Citigroup Center in midtown


By virtue of its size and aesthetic bravura, Lord Foster’s Tower 2 at 200 Greenwich Street, between Vesey and Fulton Streets, may draw the most public attention. The 1,265-foot building is to have 78 floors, 62 for offices, four trading floors and the rest for retail and mechanical space. The uppermost of the rooftop diamonds will be a tripod shaped antenna whose pinnacle is 1,350 feet above street level, just 18 feet shy of the Freedom Tower’s parapet.

Construction of Tower 2 will require the removal of the Vesey Street staircase, also known as the survivors’ stairway, which is the only aboveground remnant of the original trade center that is still in place. It served as an escape route for hundreds of people on 9/11.

The main shaft of Tower 2 is to be divided by notches into quadrants, culminating in diamond forms that are meant to lead the eye down to the memorial plaza. The surface of these structures will be a porous screen on which snow and ice are not expected to accumulate; always a hazard on a steeply pitched roof.

Lord Rogers’s Tower 3 at 175 Greenwich Street, between Dey and Cortlandt Streets, is a flat-topped building with asymmetrical shoulders and the diagonal beams of the exoskeletal framework seem to echo the rooftop of Tower 2. The building will rise 1,155 feet, reaching the higher pinnacle at the antennas. It will have five trading floors, three retail floors, nine mechanical floors and 54 floors of offices, for a total of 71 stories.

Cortlandt Street will be kept open between Tower 3 and Tower 4. The Port Authority had originally proposed constructing a shopping arcade that would join the buildings’ bases, but city officials objected to the loss of an open corridor between the memorial and the rest of Lower Manhattan.

Mr. Maki’s Tower 4 at 150 Greenwich Street, between Cortlandt and Liberty Streets, is the most understated of the lot, with a sheer curtain wall. The 61-story tower rises for most of its height as a parallelogram and then, nearly 700 feet in the sky, it becomes a trapezoid, reaching an overall height of 946 feet, with no antennas. The upper part of the facade inclines toward the towers to the north and is meant as a unifying gesture.
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For real yo! And what happened to the other WTC site thread, separate from the FT?
For real yo! And what happened to the other WTC site thread, separate from the FT?
I dont know, but that ios why I started this thread, so it could be a seperate discussion from the FT:)
Tower 2 has over 78 floors now.

<3 Tower 3:

I hope people can comprehend how massive these buildings are.
This towers are amazing! They're great! GO NYC!

other renderings of 2 wtc

other renderings of 3 wtc

other renderings of 4 wtc

I got these photos from ssp
What is the white spiney thing here?

I love this complex but I don't like this building... I think WTC 4 or 5 (Box one). It need to be redesigned to be attractive like the rest of complex.
Can't wait to see the streets of Downtown Manhattan packed again when these towers are completed and occupied. After seeing whats happened with 7WTC, im pretty confident the space will be filled.

Anyone knows what tenants are going to move in that complex? How many jobs will be created at this complex?
i LOVE it all except #4 lol
will these all be built simutaneously? or one after the other?
I dont get how are they building four huge towers without building them on the site of the twin towers. So even if the twin towers where up those four building could still be constructed?
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^^ Before 9/11 attack, WTC complex had huge plaza with few low rise buildings around WTC towers. Also It had Marriot hotel next to both towers.
Ohhh baby. Each of the three (FT, 2 WTC, and 3 WTC) would be the most prominent building in any skyline.
Beautiful renderings!! I LOVE THEM ALL
I hated this new WTC design, but now I actually love it...the more I look at it the more I like it..the new towers are super cool, I mostly like the Wtc 2-3..if only there was a twin tower set it would be the best wtc ever...
god i hate WTC2 the slanting roof ones.. looks like its ment to be a Twin of tower 1 but the top half fell off at an angle... not very appropriate in my opinion.
god i hate WTC2 the slanting roof ones.. looks like its ment to be a Twin of tower 1 but the top half fell off at an angle... not very appropriate in my opinion.
If a slanted roof is enough to offend you, then you need help. Oh, and tower 1 and 2 are not twins, they just have the same height, but different designs.
Hey the old twins were just a couple of boxes.
The slanted roof building reminds me of a building in Chicago. Though, that building is kinda short. I love the complex and the water structure in the site of the old WTC (is that a waterfalls).
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