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Any city in the world would eagerly welcome an 1,100' tower. Anything so grand on this site is a pleasant surprise. It sits on the Lincoln Tinnel roadway.
That is totally false. Many cities would absolutely loath a tower that tall and it would be a detriment to many aesthetically. Skyscrapers are not needed in all cities and they are certainly not welcome or wanted in all. Most don't even need them. NYC and other space constrained cities are the exception. The trophy status scraper is a childish game of marketing for brand new or ugly cities to distinguish themselves.

Remember, the number of scrapers is not the issue that anybody with a reasonable understanding of urban areas should be focusing on. It's the quality of the city that is important. Skyscrapers can certainly be a bad influence.if the city isn't designed for them. You have to be careful not to **** up a city. In fact, NYC was probably more beautiful an experience before the scraper boom ever started if u examine old photos. One could argue that scrapers really messed up NYs aesthetic charm where it matters, on the street level. Unfortunately scrapers were needed due to space reasons and they had to demolish the old. The scrapers that rlaced the old ornate buildings were less detailed and plainer for the most part, less nice a street experience. They didn't need to be as nice because they were tall and thus supposedly better and newer, and the costs of building a super ornate facade and a tall tower was too much for most developers.

Scrapers are Impressive from afar but imposing and not human scaled. Many people hate them and for good reason. If u look at NYC at the turn of the 20th century it's hard to argue that the canyons of today are better.

The attitude of accepting every tower as positive because it hits 1000 feet is a joke. Height isn't that important for most when we are walking on the street. For most an amazing street facade would top height or adding to the super tall count.
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