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Here’s another welcome project for the Upper East Side. According to the website, the building will be clad in Limestone and glass.

60 E 86th will be joining other welcome projects such as 1110 Park Avenue, 151 East 78th St., 1562 2nd Ave, 520 Park Avenue and the recently completed projects such as the Touraine & 135 East 79th Street. I hope all new projects moving forward especially in the Upper East Side will continue to follow suit.

I passed by the site the other day and observed a lot of activity with a digger on site. :)

This project is being developed by Glenwood Management and designed by Thomas Juul-Hansen along with Stephen B Jacobs Group.

As per approved filing, the building will stand 210’ and 19 floors. According to schedule A, all will be full floor with a couple of duplexes and triplexes.


Sched A:

More images available at:

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