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There were 14 proposals for a coveted development slot along the Brooklyn waterfront created to help pay for the Brooklyn Bridge Park. Given the location and possible heights involved, these plans have been controversial from the start. Ultimately ODA was chosen to design two towers, one at 30 stories and the second at 14 stories.

Brooklyn Bridge Park's Pier 6 Towers Could Take These Shapes

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The plan to build two residential towers at Pier 6 has proven controversial, even by Brooklyn Bridge Park standards, but if the development does end up happening, the above rendering, sent by a tipster to Brooklyn Heights Blog, shows what the towers might look like if they were smooth, translucent, and purple.

Brooklyn Bridge Park has been funded since its opening in 2002 with money from condo developments in the park itself, but even with other Brooklyn Bridge Park developments selling like crazy, the future of Pier 6 remains uncertain. Mayor Bill de Blasio is facing pressure from city and state officials to halt the progress of the two buildings and change course from the Bloomberg plan for maintaining the park...


Designs Unveiled for Controversial Brooklyn Bridge Park Sites

In the midst of a heated debate (and an ongoing lawsuit) over whether there should even be more housing in Brooklyn Bridge Park at all comes news that 14 different designs for two development sites near Pier 6 are under consideration. The 14 sets of renderings for the affordable towers were submitted by some very big-name architects, from Bjarke Ingels Group to H3 Hardy Collaboration Architecture to FXFOWLE and many more, following a request for proposals in May.

The first site is closer to the water, right next to One Brooklyn Bridge Park (which is pictured in most of the renderings), and can be up to 315 feet (about 31 stories) with 290 apartments. Meanwhile, the second site is set back from the water and will be shorter. Its maximum height is 155 feet (15 or so stories), with 140 residential units and ground-floor retail.


Vying for the commission are most of the major players in the NYC architecture world right now: Alloy Design + Bjarke Ingels Group; Asymptote Architecture; BKSK Architects + Aufgang Architects; Davis Brody Bond; Future Expansion + SBN Architects; FXFOWLE Architects; H3 Hardy Collaboration Architects; Marvel Architects; Morris Adjmi Architects; NV/da + O'Neill McVoy Architects; Pelli Clarke Pelli; S9 Architecture (Perkins Eastman), Selldorf Architects; and WASA Studio A.

Team 1: Alloy Design + Bjarke Ingels Group

Team 2: Asymptote Architects

Team 3: BKSK + Aufgang

Team 4: Davis Brody Bond

Team 5: Future Expansion + SBN Architects


Team 7: H3 Hardy Collaboration Architects

Team 8: Marvel Architects

Team 9: Morris Adjmi Architects

Team 10: NV/da + O'Neill McVoy Architects

Team 11: Pelli Clarke Pelli

Team 12: S9 Architecture: Perkins Eastman

Team 13: Selldorf Architects

Team 14: WASA Studio A


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Brooklyn Bridge Park's Controversial Pier 6 Towers, Revealed

Just one week after a public board meeting of the Brooklyn Bridge Park Development Corporation, during which attendees once again expressed opposition to the plans to construct apartment buildings within the southern swath of Brooklyn Bridge Park known as Pier 6, the park has announced its chosen developers for the project: RAL Development Services and Oliver's Realty Group. (It helps, too, that the lawsuit detractors filed has been settled.) At a press briefing Tuesday afternoon, the developers also debuted renderings for the two towers from the ubiquitous boxy-building experts at ODA Architecture. The taller of the two, "Parcel A," will contain market-rate condominiums; while the other, on "Parcel B," will contain a mix of affordable and market-rate rentals. The choice of developers is still pending approval by the park's Board of Directors.

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