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New York City in 3D on Virtual Earth!!!

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Looks nothing short of incredible!!! However, I recommend you view it on a very good PC, since it really is massive... Also, to minimize building load times, super-size the cache (In the upper right corner: Options>3D Options) to 40GB if you are viewing without textures, and 50GB if you are viewing with textures.

EDIT: Just realized I did a double post, mods if you could delete the first one it would be awesome :)
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i played through it once, and if i remember correctly, there were buildings where certain landmarks were supposed to be, like the ESB and flatiron.
yeah i had true crime. the manhattan represented in the game was okay, it was only street accurate; all the buildings were random/inaccurate. - can't fault the devs though, it would be impossible to do every building perfect (like in that VIDEO!)
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