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NEW YORK CITY - One Slice Please

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All photos were taken by me (94 photos)

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FANTASTIC PHOTOS!!!!!!! :cheers:
I love NY!!
And people prefer Boston? They're nuts.
Not over New York (which is the world's greatest city) but over Philadelphia, Miami, and Washington (which is beautiful but i prefer Boston).
I do look forward to the day when all new self taken photo threads are posted in the Urban Showcase section. I will move this one to the correct forum. Thank you.
Just when I thought I had enough with your other thread I see this one. You got yourself plenty of skyline shots from Queens I see.
Isn't it cool how ESB makes an appearance almost everywhere you go? Almost looks as if it were near the financial district in this last pic, but it's not.
I am so proud to be a native (Queens) New Yorker.

Lucky place to be born and raised.
My favorite city in the US hands down.

I especially love pictures 1-8. I love to see NYC outside of Manhattan.
Amazing pictures! Realy nice! I have to visit it!
Yeah, the shots from the train coming in are my favorite.

You guys ROCK, thank you :)
Hey, it's New York, The Big Apple, what could one say ha? It's a great city!
I am so proud to be a native (Queens) New Yorker.

Lucky place to be born and raised.
i'm jealous...
Phenomenal pictures. Any other batches to come? :banana:
Unbelievable collection!!!! These pics are soo dammn impressive...they give the an anbsolutely breathtaking insight into the enormous speed and the very special vibe of this CITY OF ALL CITIES. This collection is a classic!

Edit: I think the rather grey and rainy weather did a good job to make your foto's look even more real.
wow..So eclectic, love it.
Phenomenal pictures. Any other batches to come? :banana:
Here's my second set, thanks vancouverite. MANHATTAN - One Way Ticket:
BOSTON – Back Bay to North End:

I had a great time, thank you, thank you everyone :)
1 - 20 of 35 Posts
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