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My first thread here at ssc. So let's hope everything works out well :)

Being obsessed by The City of New York and America for many years, my dream finally became reality. In May 2004, we went to New York City for the first time! Arriving at Newark airport, I sat foot on American soil for the first time. We took the bus to port authority. During our bustrip to manhattan, which seemed to take forever, I had to record everything on camcorder, from the big American rides to the broad freeways. I just couldn't believe we were in the USA. Finally we arived at port authority. When we went out of PA, i was like :eek2: woooaw! Immediately i turned on the camcorder. Everything, just everything had to be on tape. After our 6 day trip to New York City, we managed to record 4 hours on tape and took about 170 photos (which is reasonable).

A friend of mine has got the tapes from our NYC trip, and we haven't had much time since to edit our film, but we will at one time :). When we're finished editting our footage, we'll share them with you guys. But I'm not here to tell you only that, I wanted to share our photo's of NYC with you. So here they're

New York City Photo's May 2004

Washington Arch @ Washington SQ

17 state street

17 state again

squirrel nibbling on his nut

sphere from WTC plaza, battery park

federal hall


South street seaport and financial district

spiderweb construction

magnificent view of the chrysler building and the reflection of the sun that's going down. Don't know which of the three pics i like most.

UN bldg

42nd st

Kennedy resevoir

Cedar hill, Central Park

Bow bridge, Central Park

Cherry Hill, gotta love it

Sheep Meadow

Rockefeller Center

U know


Green street


New York Bay

Lady liberty

Manhattan and BK bridge

Williamsburg bridge

Northern Manhattan, woaw there're still some woods on manhattan!!

Riverside Park


sunflare, taken from plane window

Check out ILOVENY.TK for even more NYC Pics!!!

Hope you all loved it. If you visit my website don't forget to maximize your window when you click on a photo. Sorry for not tumbnailing the pics on my site, but i'm lazy :sleepy: , please forgive me :)

Long live the Twins!
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cool! looks like the un secretariat was having the best day of its life based on that pic u took. it actually looks 30 years younger in that pic. pics of that building that are this nice is ultra rare!

the chrysler, 42nd, and central park pics are top quality. nice job!

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Archit_K said:
Yo, Phantom what kind of camera do you own and how many mega pixels is it? :cheers:

:) Got a Canon Digital Rebel (also known as the EOS 300D in Europe) , 6.3 MP (3072*2048 effective pixels). Bought it at J&R in NYC, taking some advantage of the dollar-euro currency :) I've to say that most photo's are edited with Photoshop to get better contrast and more vivid colors.
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