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New York City, U.S.A. (by EMArg)

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Welcome to the new thread of New York City, a new part of the collection of threads of the countries and cities of the world:

And this is the list of all the stuff shown, sorted by Place/Neighborhood and Page Number:

Page 1

1) Quick City Overview: New York City
2) Central Park
3) Midtown Manhattan

Page 2

4) Times Square
5) Wall Street & Lower Manhattan
6) Upper East Side & Park Avenue
7) Grand Central Terminal
8) NYC at Night from the Observation Deck of the Empire State Building

Page 3

9) Museums of NYC: Guggenheim - Metropolitan Museum - Natural History
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beautiful, it brings me back to my 2012 visit, my first but not probably the last.
will wait for your next set and thanks.
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beautiful indeed....and I totally agree with your comments about Times square. on my 4 days of staying their, I'd always ended up in the square, watching people and the lights before heading back to my hotel and I'd witnessed about 4 incidents where cops were fast in getting people doing petty crimes, cops coming from all directions and getting their subject in the midst of the thick crowd...aahh, there must be lots of cctv's place indeed.
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