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NEW YORK | The Big U Flood Barrier and Park

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Bjarke Ingels’ Copenhagen and New York-based architecture firm BIG is one of six winners announced this week. The proposal is called the Big U, and it won $335 million to buttress Manhattan in preparation of the next superstorm. The other winners will focus on the Bronx, Staten Island, Long Island, and New Jersey.

The Big U will stretch eight miles along Manhattan’s coastline, looping south from West 57th Street and then back up to East 42nd Street—a perimeter that hugs the area of Manhattan hit by the blackout. Much of the protection offered by the Big U will be from elevation. But unlike standard dikes, which can actually trap water, the plan calls for a more organic, sloped barrier that’s built into the landscape.

I didn't see a thread on this. $335 million seems low...

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I live near the North Sea coast and near the Netherlands, basically in the homeland of dikes, and I have never heard about them trapping water.
That's what a "standard dike" is here. ;)
I'm still talking about how this is any better at not trapping water than all the dikes in Northwest Germany and the Netherlands. Seems like it's exactly the same thing but with a park on top, making the article very confusing.
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