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New7Wonders of Nature finalists - vote for Table Mountain!

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So the final round of voting is under way, and Table Mountain is currently in 10th place. We need all the votes we can get to get it to jump those extra three places!

You can visit the Table Mountain page on the New7Wonders site by following the link below. Click on the green "vote now for the "New7Wonders of Nature"" button in the bottom right of the picture of Table Mountain to place your vote :)
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I'll be voting anyway..

But i'm trying to figure out why we need a new list of Natural Wonders.. the old ones are still there.
I just voted, lets lure as many people as we can to vote for TM.
is it just me or do they not redo this every year?
The previous votes were preliminary rounds.
I had already voted for Tablemountain, and I tried now and it says I have already voted.
Saw an ad on an Indian news channel which featured Cape Town.

the dead sea is also one of the finalists on the new7wonders of nature campaign,
and in order to celebrate the nomination there's a new website:
and a facebook group that keeps you posted:
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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