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New7Wonders of Nature: "Jeita Grotto"/"The Cedars" Campaign

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Voting for nominees will continue through 31.12.08. A New7Wonders Panel of Experts will then select the 21 finalists, from which voters worldwide will elect the New 7 Wonders of Nature.

Direct Link to vote:
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^^ it is posted somewhere here,but i guess it deserves a thread to grab more eyeballs :)

They never send me confirmation code via Email,i voted Twice but not counted :S
Jeita Grotto Vying to Make 'New 7 Wonders of Nature' List

Lebanon's Jeita Grotto is vying to make the "New 7 Wonders of Nature" list and needs the internet votes of the Arab world, the general manager of the company which operates the facility has said.
The Grotto is currently number 59 on the list of 77 candidates to the New 7 Wonders of Nature. Votes can be cast until the December 31 deadline on, Kuwait's Kuna news agency quoted Nabil Haddad as saying.

"A large media campaign will soon be launched under the auspices of the Lebanese government, to back internet voting for Jeita Grotto in the world competition," Haddad added.

He urged all Arabs to vote en masse because he said the grotto represents the Arab nation as a whole.

The limestone grotto is located 18km north of Beirut in the valley of Nahr al-Kalb. It has an upper and a lower cave. In the upper cave, visitors can have a walking tour while people in the lower grotto can take a cruise by small boat on a river which reflects stalactites and stalagmites.

A ropeway carries visitors to the upper cave, or visitors can use the train shuttle that runs back and forth between the upper and lower caves.

The New7Wonders Foundation, of Swiss-born Canadian filmmaker, aviator and explorer Bernard Weber, launched the campaign for the new natural wonders.

Twenty-one finalists will be announced in January 2009, and the top seven winners will be declared in mid 2010.

The current seven wonders of nature are Mount Everest, Nepal; Victoria Falls, Zambia/Zimbabwe; Grand Canyon, Arizona (United States); Great Barrier Reef, Australia; the Northern Lights; Paricutin volcano, Mexico; and the Harbor of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Beirut, 09 Jun 08, 09:54
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^^ it's rank is now 54 and rising :banana:
:cheers:50!! and rising! the governement is issuing an ad campain on TV for people to vote! refer your friends, your families, your facebook contacts! imagine if we win on of the spots! all the tourism that will follow!
I voted but it's not counted,Dunno why :bash: :bash:
^^ try another email address ... i voted 5 times :)
And it's 49 Now BTW :)
this is the election of the "New 7 Wonders of Nature" as in nature
^^awkey then
Hassoun , you have to register as a member first .
^^ i did,and to do that u have to enter ur email address,then they will send u a confirmation link or something like that,but i never got it :S
Don't you think we shouls also post this in the 1001 Cafe, so all the other members vote?:D
After all, this represent the whole arab world.

And about Baalback, they already chose the new 7 wonders of the world, the choices were very very unadecate.
It is # 47 now :) the most beautiful Grotto in the world :banana:
It is # 47 now :) the most beautiful Grotto in the world :banana:

A friend who recently moved to Washington D.C says that there's a bigger one (Grotto) near where she lives :gaah:

But I guess, what matters is what we (Lebanese) call beautifull and that is a 10452 km2 :lol:
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^^ there are undiscovered grottos in leb that are gigantic compared to jeita!
Jeita has history and a name... and it's easy to navigate, which is why it's so famous ... BUT there are other grottos and caves that go from the one side of mount lebanon to the other.
and usually they're only accessible in the summer and you may need diving equipment among other things.
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