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Inspired by the Development Map that Jersey City puts out occasionally, I created a map of every known development project in Newark, all 123 of them! 14 more are on the accompanying chart but do not fit on the map. A few recent (since 2009) developments of note are shown to assist with way-finding.

It is on my blog,

The map shows the properties of the developments, not the actual buildings, so don't be fooled by the huge amount of work on Springfield Avenue, as it is mostly parking lots on site 83. The data is only from developments I can find data on, so there might be more! Unfortunately, there is the possibility that several "approved" or "proposed" developments won't occur at all for varying reasons (usually financing). Also, some developments might have advanced to the next stage, but I am not aware.

The data comes from a huge variety of sources including, but not limited to, Newark Planning Board minutes and decisions, news articles, press releases, developers' websites, City Councilman Amador's Ironbound Development slideshow, and real estate and apartment rental sites like Trulia,,,,, and, while some data was from memory.

The map covers an area of 2.5 miles East to West and 2.9 Miles North to South, approximately centered on Downtown.

Complete-Building is done and open
Construction-Work is underway to build or renovate the building
Approved-Building has passed the Newark Planning and/or Zoning Boards
Proposed-Known future projects that have not yet sought approval

It is also available on my Google Drive as a PDF.

As you can see, most developments occur in defined clusters, especially NJIT, Lincoln Park, near Railroad Avenue. and Halsey Street. They vary widely in scale, and most are majority residential or educational developments. Many developments thankfully contain Ground Floor Retail spaces to better meet the street.

The following is a compilation list of all of the developments. The left-most column numbers correspond to the development map above. Those numbered as "N/A" do not fit on the map.

As seen in the chart, there is just over $1 Billion in new development either under construction now or soon to be under construction in the near future. About $1.2 Billion in developments were completed recently. This does not include the many smaller projects that move along without a promoted price tag.

1302 Residential units, 312,200 Square Feet of Retail space, and 1,234,000 Square Feet of Office Space (mostly Prudential and Panasonic) were completed recently. Not included in that figure is the gradual renovation and conversion of 165 Halsey Street into a Corporate Data Center, which will eventually provide 1,200,000 Square Feet of computer servers!

3293 Residential Units, 319 Hotel Rooms, 364,000 Square feet of Retail spaces, 648,000 Square feet of Classroom spaces, 544,000 Square feet of Offices, and 922,000 Square Feet of Industrial Warehouse space are underway or will be soon.

Now get over to and see all of the development as it occurs!

Let's Revive our Cities
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Development map updated for October 31st, 2017

I finally updated my development map of all of the known major developments in Newark, NJ, and it now contains 186 developments (55 under construction now and 61 approved) scattered across the city, with 160 developments placed on the map. The map shows their approximate property size rather than the building size as the rest of the property is often renovated or landscaped as well. The projects on the map are numbered to correspond to their data on the chart and projects ending with an "r" are renovations to existing buildings.

For projects with known values, there is just under $1.2 Billion underway, with $1.088 Billion actively being built. $1.585 Billion in projects were completed and opened since around 2012. Projects currently under construction include:

  • 2124 apartments
  • 200 dorm rooms (400 beds)
  • 195 hotel rooms
  • 321,711 square feet of Retail space
  • 373,500 square feet of Educational space
  • 497,886 square feet of Office space
  • 1,115,083 square feet of Industrial Warehouse space
  • Together they will have 873 parking spots.
Current approvals are in place for

  • 4477 apartments (with 1400 in the Baseball Stadium project)
  • 476 hotel rooms
  • 290,343 square feet of Retail space
  • 735,832 square feet of Office space
  • 1,487,905 square feet of Industrial Warehouse space
  • Together they will have 4685 parking spots, with 2000 in the Baseball Stadium project

Larger scale images are available when you click on them on my blog at

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