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newbie here...

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heya guys,

new member here... love to travel and take photos so hope to get some tips on the best places to visit and of course photography.

planning to visit eastern europe this year.. any ideas?

thanks in advance
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That's a pretty big area. You can't go wrong with cities like Prague, Budapest, Krakow.

Oh, and welcome to the forum off course.
thanks ikops! i know that it is really a big idea to check out eastern europe! hehe but want to check out cities not frequently visited! have you been to those cities?
I have only been to Budapest and Prague. From what I have heard is that Krakow is also an interesting place to visit. A place not frequently visited would be Warsaw, I guess. Not that many tourists go there, but the people who dó go there seem mostly positive.
thanks.. will take your advice and try to research on what places to visit in budapest and prague..
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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