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Newfoundland site visit

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So last year CWG hosted an open evening at the Newfoundland construction site, that myself, Mr Cladding and a few other SSC forumers attended.

During the evening one of the Directors made us aware that he had knowledge of the forum, and was pleased that many people were taking an active interest in the development. During a conversation, he mentioned that he would be more than happy to host a tour for a group of us from the website, if the demand was there, at some point next year when the project had further progressed.

Now they are currently planning to host another open evening similar I would think to the one held last year on a weekday. If we would like to however, we could have a tour on a weekend which would possibly be a better fit for people to come down and visit, particularly for those who may not live locally enough to make it after work. The evening last year was very informative and was seemingly promoted to local residents who were potentially affected by the development. So, as a group of enthusiasts, there is the potential for a more personalised/informed full tour of the site.

Anyway, I have been in touch with the Director and he was enquiring to the number of people who would be interested. Mainly to assess whether there would be a decent turnout to justify bringing in a few extra staff on the weekend or if the weekend managers would be able to cover the number of people wanting to visit.

So if you are interested in a more personalised tour around the construction site Please leave a comment in this thread, saying 'Im in'/'Interested' whatever and whether you would prefer a weekday evening or a weekend visit. I'll leave this thread for about a week or two and see what the interest is like, and then feed it back to him, and then follow up.


Confirmed responses so far

Mr Cladding
Core Rising
Pedro-Silesia (2)
Pennine Metroplex

Still awaiting Confirmation from

london lad
Leeds No.1
Ciudad Bristol

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I'm certainly interested/in. Weekday probably better. Thanks. :cheers:
I'm definitely interested.
It would be nice to know in advance so there is time to plan for it.

When would that be? October? November?

I just hope it won't be in a week between 29 Oct and 5 Nov as I will be out of town ;)
Sure I'm interested. Always good to meet other people from the forum as well. :)
Not in London atm, but with enough I could perhaps arrange to be, and I have been meaning to come up to catch up on the skyline progress photography thing anyway. so, tentatively interested
Definitely in! Any time is fine.
Interested. Work and live in east London So weekdays and weekends fine by me.
I'd be keen at weekend or after work.
wouldn't mind. :)
I'm interested can make most days too
Yup! I'd most likely go! Any day would do if booked with some notice 😁
Count me in. I'd love to bring my camera and have a mooch around. Would be cool to meet some of you guys too.
I'm just an idiot with a camera, but if they're willing to bring me in on the ride, I'd be willing to turn up, though my schedule is crazy unpredictable.
Interested. Weekend but can be weekdays if needed.
I'm certainly interested although I'd only be able to make a weekend one. :)
Sign me up

Ideally as much notice as possible, as we can book time off work and make the required travel arrangements.

I'd prefer a weekend site vist, as we wouldn't need to book annual leave off.
I'm very interested, thanks!
I'm interested
Yes! I'm there with bells on, either weekday or weekend......
1 - 20 of 69 Posts
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