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NGAWI : the western gate of Jawa Timur

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gapura jawa timur di perbatasan dg jawa tengah di Mantingan
gapura jawa timur di perbatasan dg jawa tengah di Mantingan
the Jawa Timur gate of monunent. Located at Mantingan near Jawa Tengah province
alun-alun ngawi
ngawi town square at westside
alun-alun ngawi is the 2nd biggest city/town square in Jawa Timur
Nice pics Aldy:)
I like the monument. Perhaps it looks like the ancient Majapahit era monuments :D
Prapatan Ngawi, the city landmark
Orang Ngawi ya?
I hope there's no traffic jam in there
Looks like a very relaxing town

I miss those becak ride
post more pics..

we need some1 to more posting pics of little city in indonesia like this
an update on Cirebon thread would be nice as well

hahaha u got me bro...

unfortunetly Im live and work not in cirebon right now, so...
Hehehe, that's too bad mate

btw nice pics of Ngawi, Aldy

The Masjid Agung of Ngawi
The Ancient Bank BRI Building
The BRI Unit Ronggowarsito Branch
Ketonggo Stadium; a view at westside. So small, isn't it? This is a venue of PERSINGA a member of 2nd division PSSI Pengda Jatim. At 1999 it got runnur-up in that competition. Was bit by Persiwangi, Banyuwangi at final.
wonderful pics of Ngawi ... seems so peaceful
how big is Ngawi? population-wise?
Pondok Gontor Putri (The 3rd Campuss) in Karangbanyu
1 - 20 of 127 Posts
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