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Nice pix sleekpiano, I love the Greenhouse project... here are some more pix

Birds Eye View

From the road


Ground Floor

First Floor


Second Floor

Third Floor


thanks sleekpiano and mwafrika

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The Greenhouse complex

Everybody is working tirelessly to make his or her house a better home. However, not less important is the environment where we spend most of our daytime hours — the office.

Since the 1960s, Nairobi has earned its place as the buoyant business capital of East Africa. However, not much thought and effort has been invested on the layout and design of office blocks and shops. Only in recent years have some developers realised the need to create more interesting work friendly environments. There is still a long way to go.

Developers are becoming keen on the design of their structures and one of these new developments is the new lucrative office park named The Greenhouse. It offers offices and shops spaces for sale, as more tenants prefer to buy their office space and pay towards mortgage rather than rent. Additionally, an annual yield of approximately eight per cent on top of capital appreciation makes many people keen to invest in office space.

The Greenhouse complex will be situated on Ngong Road where the Three Wheels restaurant used to be. Ngong Road has proved to be very popular for upmarket buyers and offices. Work is ongoing to lay the foundation for the new office and shopping park. Sitting on one and a half acres, it is the next big thing in the Nairobi business arena. Adams Arcade and Yaya Centre will be a stone throw away while various other amenities will be within easy reach.

The team behind The Greenhouse complex is the London and Nairobi based Jericho Development Company. The objective behind the commercial centre is to mix international expertise with local knowledge.

Trees and fountains

A group of local architects together with UK-based interior designers have managed to create a very unique complex. The U-shaped master building will comprise three small structures in the middle of a lively green yard. The ground floor is designated for shops and high-end boutique shops while the upper four floors are reserved for offices. Penthouse units for managerial and top-level staff are at the top.

The complex anticipates more than 1,500 employees to work in the upper floors thus providing shops and restaurants with good business.

"Normally, when you go to your office or shop, it is just natural for you to count the hours till you go home. However, after seeing the images and the design of The Greenhouse complex, I believe people will be motivated to spend more time in their office," says Jackie Kiaraho from Upmarket Realtors Agency. "So much emphasis has been put on aesthetics, presenting pleasant settings complete with plenty of light, fresh air and space."

The Grenhouse complex is designed as an open space and is tailored according to the needs of clients, so that the internal walls are the last to be built.

"You can buy anything from 35 square meters to 2,500 square meters in each and every floor," says Kiaraho. "A greenhouse is a place where you can grow things in a faster pace. This complex will make businesses grow."

Wireless broadband service

To give it the greenhouse effect, green plants will surround the complex. The middle yard plaza will have huge trees with fountains and water features. Tables will be set outside to serve the restaurant diners.

Three small structures in the middle of the yard serve as roof gardens for the offices. There will be coffee vending machines and benches around the complex to allow the business community conduct meetings or group briefings comfortably. One will also be able to work on their laptop while seated outside courtesy of the wireless broadband service available throughout the complex.

Three scenic glass lifts elevate you to the fourth floor. Parking will not be an issue since the complex has made provision for more than 400 parking lots at two levels within the vicinity — at the underground and ground level.

"I have no doubt the Greenhouse complex will live up to expectations," says Kiaraho. "Previous projects created by the same developers have always surpassed the beautiful images provided beforehand. They spent over a year to design the place and once you spend so much time and thought on a project you cannot go wrong. I feel proud to be associated with The Greenhouse."

Surprisingly, introductory prices for the Greenhouse offices are very competitive as the developers are striving to provide customers with real value for their money.
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