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Kuvvaci said:
phhh you are coming...
Well... this is the third attempt this week... :(
The first time I had to cancel my flight because of my work (to much to do), the second time I had to cancel my flight because the weather was so bad I didn't made it in time to the airport... :(
This time I hope nothing gets between me and Istanbul... :)
Kuvvaci said:
Welcome, have a nice flight...
Thanks... the current weather here in the south-west of germany looks like the weather in Erzincan... :(
I'll be staying for a week in Istanbul and I hope I'll have the time to shoot as many pictures as possible (and post them here, of course) :)
Nisantasi is only a short walk away for me so I think I can even add some pictures to this thread... :)
1 - 20 of 74 Posts
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