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NIAGARA FALLS | Robinson St Hotels | 56 fl | 35 fl x 2 | Pro

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CANADA - Three high rise hotels could soon be added to the fallsview skyline.

Canadian Niagara Hotels has applied to the city for a zoning by-law amendment to allow for the development of a 56-storey hotel and two 35-storey hotels on Robinson Street.

The existing by-law allows for a 30-storey height limit, but taller buildings can be considered if no adverse impacts are created by the development such as shadowing on residential areas and green spaces and encroachments on the view of the falls.

Currently, the tallest hotel in the city is the 56-storey Hilton Hotel & Suites on Fallsview Boulevard. The nearby Embassy Suites Hotel has 43 storeys.

The zoning by-law amendment application regarding the proposal will be discussed at Tuesday's council meeting.

“Tourism has been on the upswing for the last few years and certainly the demand has been there,” Mayor Jim Diodati said of the proposal.

“This is welcome in the city and I hope that they can get shovels in the ground before long.”

The three towers, to be built 25 metres apart, would offer 1,811 hotel rooms as well as retail stores and restaurants.

“The trades are thirsty for more jobs and obviously we'll encourage them to use local trades to build this,” the mayor added. “This will create a significant amount of construction jobs for local trades and local suppliers.”

The 4.7-hectare parcel of land opposite the Skylon Tower, formerly owned by HOCO Ltd., is currently being used as a commercial parking lot.
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Very good, i wouldn't make a city near such a natural landmark but if there is an urbanic center like this already, skyscrapers would only be for the better.
Yeah, there's already a cluster of low rise towers forming a mini skyline. I agree in principle though. Who wants skyscrapers near the Giza pyramids?
I assume egyptians :nuts:

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