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I started out by getting lost in Lewiston, a scenic little town on the Niagara River past the whirlpool. Here's an old hotel being restored.

This church was converted to a performance space and is run in conjunction with Niagara University.

A sun dappled dock in Lewiston. Contrast the placid water with what you'll see later.

I left Lewiston and headed toward Niagara Falls. I wanted to visit the Power Vista but couldn't find the entrance despite making multiple passes in each direction. Here's a view of the path along the gorge in Devil's Gorge Park. It was very humid and uncomfortable. The ground to the left drops about 250-300 feet to the Niagara River below.

Back in the car and over to Whirlpool Park. This is a view from the Eddy Basin toward Niagara Falls. The gorge is shallower here.

The Whirlpool Rapids. The rocky part at the bottom of the photo would be underwater if the river was flowing "full strength" instead of at 30% or so.

The Whirlpool Basin. The section in back was once a river also, but was filled in by glacier sediment before the Niagara River was formed. When I rounded a corner on the path and reached this point, the temperature dropped about 5 degrees in the space of 10 feet or so. It was pretty wild.

I forgot the name of this park, but the picture doesn't give any sense of the scale going on here. For example, the top section of the wall (the part set back behind the path) is about 25 feet tall.

Exact same spot, but looking in a different direction.

Now it's on to Terrapin Point.

Horseshoe Falls. That retaining wall is new... the rocky section in foreground used to be part of the falls. I'd hate to be the one who had to build that wall.

More Horseshoe Falls.

Then the lights came on and everyone said "ooooh!"

Ok, my card is full and my battery is dying. Bye, Niagara Falls!

Also, has anyone posted about how the stripes on the Seneca Niagara Casino Hotel change color at night? I'm no fan of that building but the light show is pretty cool.

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Love the pics WSJ. I like the different views of the gorge and the lights at night shots. Thanks for sharing your Niagara adventure with us.

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Love these pics, especially the ones looking down at the gorge. I seen some perspectives and vantage points I haven't come across before. I'll need to explore a little bit more myself the next time I'm up in the area. Thanks.
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