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Niels' Pictures Thread | Urban & Landscapes

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Niels' Pictures Thread


I made this thread because I don't want to show my urban pics only, but also my landscape/nature pics. You will see cityscapes, different streetscenes and a lot of non urban pics in this thread.

I'll show you a lot of different cultures and pics. From Ireland to Italy and The Netherlands to the USA. I'm going to live in the USA from the 24th of july to somewhere in june 2010. I'm 17 years old so I don't have the money to travel far distances on my own, so the first pics you will see are all in Europe. The USA pictures are coming later this year. I will also show you my updated travel schedule. That contains where I'm going this year and where I've been already. I'm not listing all the countries where I've been ofcourse, I'm only listing the cities/countries where I made pics.

Travel Schedule

- London, april 2008
- Switzerland Drive Through Only, june 2008
- Italy, july 2008
- Monaco, july 2008
- Rotterdam, october 2008
- Ireland, december 2008
- Amsterdam, february 2009
- Amsterdam, april 2009
- Amsterdam, june 2009
- Germany, july 2009
- Switzerland, july 2009
- Italy, july 2009
- USA, 2009/2010
>> Colorado Springs
>> Denver
>> Las Vegas
>> Grand Canyon
>> New York City?
>> Los Angeles?

I upload my HDR pics on Flickr. Click to visit my account.

I'll try to keep this thread alive to post some pics every few days/weeks. I hope you like my initiative :)

I start with some Amsterdam pics:

1. Amsterdam Centraal

2. Business towers in Amsterdam

3. Amsterdam Canal #1

4. Amsterdam Canal #2

5. Amsterdam Canal #3

6. Amsterdam Inner Harbour

7. Churchtower near to the Kalverstraat

8. Bridge over a canal

I'll post more soon.
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Italy - West coast/ Cinque Terre

8. Awesome railways, lot of tunnels

9. Rough sea that day

10. The wheather was awesome

11. One of the towns in Cinque Terre

12. Riomaggiore, a town in Cinque Terre

13. Another angle

14. The Italian landscape is beautiful around summertime, great terraces

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Nice pics taken of Cinque Terre. I also took some pics while I was there visiting, but I can't seem to find them now. :eek:hno: Great job Ni3ls!!! :eek:kay:
Thanks guys. I'll post some Ireland pictures tonight :)
I'm going to post the Ireland pics and some other pics tomorrow because of the downtime of SSC this evening :)
Amsterdam is absolutly beautiful. for me is one of cities that i would like to visit!!!!
Ireland, Cork & Landscapes

15. Recently completed tower in Cork

16. River with hills in the far distance

17. Very old and narrow bridge, one way road

18. Clearly winter, no leafs

19. Sometimes there is sun

20. Out of a forest

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Almere, The Netherlands

21. Almere skyline at dusk

22. Another angle

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Switzerland, Gotthard

23. Rest place just before the Gotthard pass

24. Mountains near to the Gotthard pass

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Genoa/Genova, Italy

25. Piazza di Ferrari

26. Random urban city shot

I have some more Genoa pics but can't find them at the moment..
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Great photos indeed Ni3lS :cheers: thanks for sharing
Thanks for the comments. I'm going to post more soon :cheers:
Monte Carlo, Monaco

27. Random skyline shot

28. Rooftree's

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^^the pics are totally awesome..;)
great job :eek:kay:
Forgotten pics/ Genoa and Monte Carlo

29. Genoa statue

30. Dense Monte Carlo

Thanks for all the comments :)
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31. Frisian landscape near to my home

Have more pics but can't find them at the moment. I will post some London pics tomorrow :)
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32. Let's start with a random tourist pic of the London Bridge

33. From St. Paul's Cathedral

34. London's suburbs

35. Canary Wharf

36. The weather was awful that day

37. One Canada Square?

Tomorrow some pics of West Ham!
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