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***Nigeria Has 16 Million Houses' Shortfall***

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Nigeria Has 16 Million Houses' Shortfall

Abuja — The Minister of State, Works and Housing and Urban Development, Mrs Grace Ekpiwhere, said Nigeria had an estimated 16 million housing shortfall.

Ekpiwhere, said in an interview Southern Africa correspondent of the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Monday in Pretoria that government could not meet the housing needs of Nigerians because of budgetary constraints. "There is a huge deficit of housing to accommodate our people in view of the budgetary constraints and other competing needs. "Bearing this in mind it has became obvious that government efforts at providing houses for its officers may not be sustainable," she said. The minister said it was in realisation of this that government decided to partner with the private sector to provide houses for the citizens...

What's caused the increase? 16 million is just too much. Investing in estates will be very lucrative in Nigeria!
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Maybe housing in Lagos (and many other Nigerian cities) can be solved if Lagos builds like Sao Paulo in Brazil.

Amazing. I don't want that for Lagos. Hell no.
how else wld the housing problem be solved though? especially in major cities like Lagos
Exactly, easy to say hell no but do you think that housing will be solved by building 2 and 3 story flats all over Lagos? Lagos can only dream to even have 1/10th the number of tall buildings in Sao Paulo (over 5600 with 400 more under construction or planned). NYC has over 5800 but would you say hell no to NYC? Sao Paulo is obviously spread over a bigger land mass and not only are most of those buildings residential but virtually all are less than 50 stories due to strict land occupation laws. Note SP is 11 million city and 20 million metro. Lagos MUST build up to keep up.
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i really hope lagos doesnt end up looking like that. . .yea downtown lagos,eko atlantic,vi.ikoyi,lekki,can look like that i dont mind,but not the whole of lagos. . .
Spread the wealth

Since you guys are against this type of development how about the country divide the economic hubs forcing people to migrate to other cities for employment. But the countries will just slow down whats going to happen anyway. Just face it with the country reaching 260-280million by 2040 & possibly 320million by 2080 the country has no choice but to grow up so it won't disrupt the valuable agriculture of the region. Nigeria is going to need 3 cities the size of Tokyo!
Thats right Nigeria! This is your future!
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