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Nigeria: Nigerian-Made Computer Keyboard On Sale in U.S.

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This Day (Lagos)

April 19, 2006
Posted to the web April 20, 2006


The multi-lingual computer keyboard, invented by a Nigerian engineer, Mr. Walter Oluwole, has started selling in the United States.

According to Oluwole, based in the U.S., the product, named "Konyin"--meaning honey drops in Yoruba--has attracted encouraging patronage in the U.S. where a marketing company has bought the right to market it.

"D&H, one of the largest national distributors of computer products in the U.S. has signed an agreement with the management of the Lagos Analysis Corp. (LANCOR) Technologies to market the product in the US," he said.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) recalls that the keyboard was unveiled in Nigeria in April last year its commercial sales started in September, 2005.

The wireless and multimedia model of the keyboard sells for about $199, while the basic model goes for about $55, according to the company's price list.

"We expect the Konyin keyboard to become the de facto standard in PC keyboard in Nigeria and around the globe," Oluwole said.

He said that the keyboard was the first complete computer keyboard technology designed to accommodate combined character-sets for multiple language groups on a single keyboard layout.

Oluwole, a native of Sagamu in Ogun State said that he was excited that his invention had gained international acceptance after what he described as several years of disappointments.

He said that he had started developing a version of the keyboard to be used in South American and European countries, including Germany, Italy and France.

The keyboard inventor said that the device had been equipped with characters and tonal marks to type various languages ranging from English, Spanish, Igbo, Hausa and Yoruba.

"Now that this Nigerian invention is affirmed in the global computer market place, our government should move swiftly to standardise all computer keyboards imported into Nigeria around the Konyin keyboard," Oluwole added.

He said that the Konyin keyboard was formally presented to the federal government in January this year to popularise it among government agencies.

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^^ya pics needed.

This is a great idea and a step forward towards full standardization of computer components.
Nice. Not sure if this is the same thing but aren't the Nigerians who made this sueing some company for patent infringement?
Nice. Not sure if this is the same thing but aren't the Nigerians who made this sueing some company for patent infringement?
I guess, it done based on agreement. Those company are producing them in accordance with the law.
wow now were talking about keyboards does this deserve to be put on here i thought this was skyscraperciy. not keyboards r us. but i guess that doesn't matter since nigeria doesn't actaully have one skyscraper
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