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I got my eye on you.
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North America
1. New York
2. Los Angeles
3. Miami
4. Toronto
5. San Francisco

South America and the Caribbean
1. Rio de Janeiro
2. Sao Paulo
3. Buenos Aires
4. Santiago
5. Havana

Western Europe
1. London
2. Paris
3. Madrid
4. Amsterdam
5. Berlin

Eastern Europe
1. Prague
2. Warsaw
3. Moscow
4. Belgrade
5. Riga

1. Tokyo
2. Bangkok
3. Sydney
4. Manila
5. Hong Kong

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How is the situation of nightlife in your area?

In Germany there are many nice discotheques, in which entrance is in most cases no problem, in the outskirts of big cities or in small cities near motorways, so they can reached very easily. Although these discotheques are nice, they are not very popular by people living in big cities, because there are many people from rural areas.
The discotheques in the centre of big cities however often have a strict dress code. They are in most cases smaller, but much better-known, because the music is made by famous DJs.
In some parts of Germany rave parties are watched suspiciously by authorities, because of the drug problem. Interestingly black music is more tolearated.
The opening times of discotheques in the outskirts and rural areas is usually from 8 o'clock or 9 o'clock in the evening until 3 to 5o'clock in the morning. Discotheques in big cities stay sometimes longer open.

chek ur hed
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London was a huge disappointment. Outside of the superclubs and SoHo, the streets are dead at night.
1. Tokyo
2. Sao Paolo
3. tie: Madrid/Barcelona
4. Berlin
5. NYC

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1).Madrid(latest and loudest,just incomparable.)
2).New York(here is where you can find it all.)
3).Tokyo(Incredible variety.)
4).Ibiza(Great super clubs.Only good in summer thou.)
5).London/Buenos Aires tie.I agree with some of the forumers that Londons streets are over-all pretty tame but it does have some gre8 clubs. :)
1 - 20 of 78 Posts
Not open for further replies.