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188 米








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188 meters
December 30, 2009, is located in Ningbo Sanjiangkou total building height of 188 meters of Ningbo Fortune Center held a grand ceremony. This marks Sanjiangkou building height to be refreshed again. Due to its unique geographical location and importance in the future of the city skyline, is listed as the Ningbo to enhance the strategic focus of the project, the city of key construction projects.

Sanjiang buildings in the plurality of first

It is understood that the location where the center is located in Ningbo Yongjiang wealth east coast, with the East Bund, art galleries across the water, Ningbo Sanjiang six shore territory in a good location. The total land area of ​​about 25,000 square meters, with a total construction area of ​​the floor design about 100,000 square meters, 38,000 square meters underground, with a total 38 floors on the ground floor and 2 underground floors, the building height of 188 meters, is the Ningbo Sanjiangkou buildings the single largest building height tallest building.

Furthermore, Ningbo Fortune Center also created a number of first, the project configuration synchronization international standards, shaped structure, in the form of all-steel, is currently in Ningbo City high-rise building construction more difficult, the largest single volume of steel project , curtain walls using modular technology, is also the first time in Ningbo.

"Tulip" design will become a new landmark

Ningbo Wealth Design Center also distinctive, according to the relevant person in charge, Ningbo Fortune Center in the main building and layout podium physical freedom, more monomers like traditional Chinese "jade" spread within plots, contains a "large beads beads down, "the poetic; in the romantic style ornate facade, the building like a budding tulips, like Pearl holding hands, symbolizing the people's desire and pursuit of a better future, but also reflects the Ningbo urban civilization modern and artistic development. Ningbo Fortune Center after the project is completed it will be the height of artistic and architectural core area of ​​Ningbo has become the new landmark.

Fortune "magnetic" drive area development

Construction Ningbo Fortune Center, will further promote the development of urban space, optimizing the living business environment, enhance the city's international grade, through high-rise buildings of the "magnetic" effect, gathering large crowds of people, goods, capital and information flow, the formation of a significant "wealth effect", driving the project itself and industrial development Area.

The industry believes that urbanization construction and building economic development are closely linked, in December 1995, the Rural Credit sudden international commercial 38-story building height overstating the Ningbo to 138 meters, became the tallest building in Zhejiang Province. May 12, 2004, 179.2 meters high court official name Ling Jiang top knot and become Ningbo new heights in the past ten years time, the city of Ningbo altitude is constantly refreshed. Today, the center of Ningbo Fortune 188 meters in height became Sanjiangkou landmark, but also contribute to the Ningbo International urbanization.
Property Details
Opening time: October 2012 opening
Check-in time: the end of 2014 deliveries
Property Type: Office
Building Category: 38-story office building, commercial
Renovation status: rough
Number of households: 0
Plot Ratio: 0.00
Green: 0%
Parking: No Information
Property age: 40 years
Developer: Blum Property
Sale permit: Yong Xu word 2012 Pre-room No. 007
Property Company: No Information
Property Fee: 12.00 yuan / square meter month

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