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They had trial rides open to the public and special groups of guests (foreigners, students from the University of Nottingham) a week prior, with a special coupon, limited one ride. It officially opened to everyone on the 30th May, just two days before I was to leave China.
Here are some videos:

Instructional/Safety Video

More to come

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Lishe International Airport Station (shuttle bus connection to airport) -

Lishe Station -

Yinzhou Avenue Station -

Shiqi Station -

Qingfangcheng Station -

Ouchi Station -

Coach Terminal Station -

Liyuan South Road Station -

Yunxia Road Station -

Ningbo Railway Station -

Chenghuangmiao Station -

Gulou Station -

Waitan Bridge Station -

Zhengda Road Station -

Nijiayan Station -

Yasaiyan Station -

Datong Bridge Station -

Kongpu Station -

Lulin Station -

Sanguantang Station -

Ningbo University Station -

Qingshuipu Station -,_2015-09-27_03.JPG

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China adds new cities as operating metro system every year, after Changsha, now in Ningbo.

I’ve some questions (arose after viewing some websites). Please answer one by one –

* Left side, right side or both sides, - which type of platforms are in most numbers in Ningbo subway network?
* Elevated, at graded or underground, which portion is larger in NIngbo metro system?
* Which is the busiest metro station?
* Which stations have interchange facility with suburban rail network?
* Where is/are the depot(s) of the subway network?

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As I've already said,
[Y]ou can always search for answers.
1. All but three stations have island platforms, so left side.
2. Underground for the most part. Only nine stations are elevated (and this includes all three side platform stations).
3. Once again, I don't know. Perhaps Gulou, the only interchange station.
4. And once again, there is no suburban rail. Yet.
5. Line 1 has Tiantongzhuang depot beyond Dongnan Nanlu (and even beyond Qiuga of the second phase) and Jiangnan parking area beyond Gaoqiao. Line 2 has Huang'ai depot between Lishe and Yinzhou Dadao and Dongwaihuan parking area beyond Qingshuipu.

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On Saturday, Line 1 was extended from Donghuan South Road station to Xiapu station, adding 25.3 km to the network. Two infil stations - Nanbei Avenue and Yongjiang South Road - will be added at the later date. Updated map on with perspective Line 2 northern extension:

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