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Although we (USC) won the NIT championship this year as well as last, these pictures are from last year, since I didn't go this past year, and I've never posted these since I've been gone from the forums for so long. So let's begin, shall we?

I believe these pics are in chronological order as well.

Industry in Jersey.

First glimpse ever of the NYC skyline.

The view from my hotel room in Secaucus, NJ.

First pic from Manhattan, aside of the one that the NYPD confiscated of the tunnel.

Is this the soup Nazi location? Accross from Penn Station.

City streets.

Streetscape the next morning.

And touristy pic, whatever.

More tourism.

Even more tourism.

Radio city.


Ground zero.

More ground zero. This place was very quiet.

Self explanitory.

Grand central subway.

Look mom, I'm a tourist.

I even had on a I heart NY shirt on too.

More times square.


I took a lot of pics of Times Square.

Millennium Tower.

Cool Times Square tower.

Look, a cab.

Look, advertising.

More Times Square.

Look at the pretty flower.

No Times Square trip is complete without seeing this guy.

Look, more ads.

And... pic.

Last of the Times Square pics.



ESB Detail.

This guy knows how to control his bitches. This is what happens when chicks don't know when to shut the hell up.

I lied, more Times Square.

TRL, I think.

Chicago in NYC.

Another touristy shot.

And again...

Trump Tower.


Central park pano.

Another cluster.

Church facade.

Afternoon canyon.


Brooklyn Bridge.

Skyline from the Brooklyn Bridge.

And again.

Lady Liberty in the distance.

Skyline view.

Look, more tourists.



Lincoln Tunnel traffic.

Me in the Garden after we won.

Penn Station.

They made us (the pep band) attend a taping with our hangovers and everything the morning after we won the championship.

Fox and Friends > Today Show > CBS Early Show.

I'll leave out the story of me getting drunk and hooking up with a fat chick.
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