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No big Park in the city core: lost opportunity or future development?

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I have noticed that there is no big park in or near the downtown core.

There are the areas of trinity-bellwods and cabbagetown but they are not big enough.

Plenty of lands has been repurposed but none of that has gone to parks.

Is there hope for a big park in central Toronto or is gone?

Could Toronto have its own Central, Hyde, Regent Park?

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well it looks quite small, yes that's a park but one that hundreds or thousands of cities have.

The islands could be a park but there should be a rapid transit that links them to the city.

East bay waterfront seems to be currently mostly not developed, any chance?
And what about Lower Don Lands?
the land reclamation idea looks great.

is the natural zone in Don Valley already a park for normal citizens?
How many minutes it takes to go from Pearson to downtown and using which transport?

if you can get a train and make it below 30 minutes you can and you should get rid of the city airport.
because it's better for the city.

the secondary airport is small and just for few people that use it.
If Pearson need work to substain its growth, better work on it.

Comparing London to Toronto doesn't make any sense, London is the biggest hub of the planet, Toronto is not even close.
Pearson is Toronto's Heathrow.
London City airport is close to Canary Wharf but nowhere near the city centre or in a beautiful location.
All the other airports are outside the city.
I think the train is a 25 minute ride... but why would that make us get rid of a secondary airport? The process of checking in, boarding and taking off is a fraction of the time taken in the massive Pearson airport. I think it is wonderful having an alternative.
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I don't see any city desperate to have airports downtown.

We have all the technology we need to make transfer to airports quick.
Union-Pearson Express trip is 25 minutes with 3 stops. That's great and I guess it can be improved.

Pearson is too crowded?
Well this is a problem per se and that must be resolved anyway.

The city airport has only 3 mln pax, not that much, why sacrificing a huge development that will make the city better for everyone to make things easier for a small percentage of the people that travel from and to Toronto by air?
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I know the effect of an airport air pollution on a city.

I've been living in Pisa and there the airport (5+ million pax) it's 2km from the city centre.
Of course the city is much smaller and therefore less polluted but it's a big problem anyway.
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it would be awesome, a top attraction for the city I guess.

In addition to make it much more accessible from the city, a big wide area will be added to the park.
Considering that a big chunk of it is built and some parts are left as they are (according to the 2011 streetview) it would be a huge improvement.
My issue with the airport is that it creates a barrier to the Toronto Islands from downtown. Imagine if Vancouver built a runway in the West End separating downtown Vancouver with Stanley Park. It's the same thing with Toronto.

Sure, you can take a ferry to the islands but it's not quite accessible. It doesn't feel like it's part of downtown and you can't just willy-nilly go there out of the blue. Without the airport as a physical and mental barrier and the area converted into parkland, the islands can start feeling part of downtown. Hanlan's Point Beach can be Toronto's Barceloneta beach, which will be more accessible than the Beaches. You can build a pedestrian/cycle/streetcar bridge across the Western Channel and have the 509 briefly make a few stops in that area.

Together with the Gardiner Expressway, this is just an example of poor urban planning and bad foresight.
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Can the city make money from the Pearson aiport instead?

They could have a big field and have concerts and other events and having a top notch city park spread across islands easy to reach from the city.

Great attraction and excuse to visit Toronto.

Yes, turning Toronto Islands to a Stanley Park would be ideal, connected by a bridge and at least a street car to the island entrance...

I had mentioned hotels and condos if someone complained about the lost revenue the city gets. But I'm not even sure if the city makes a lot of money from the island airport...
if you want to go to a rural place go to a proper rural place.

That could be an amazing park for the city thus for everyone.
a proper rural place must be much bigger and not surrounded by a city.
^^ The Toronto Islands are a proper rural place, if you know their history.
Fantastic project, I would like to buy a flat there in the future.

Unfortunately it's not going to be a big park but a nice modern mixed urban/green area.

p.s. do you have mosquitos during the summer?

Here's a video about it:

Any landforming projects from the land strips south of the Don Lands?
thank god, I ******* hate them and Im glad Canada is not infested.

In Pisa they are alive 11 months a year, in Florence 5-6 months but they are much more.

We all try to sanitize places where the water doesn't flow in all of Italy. I don't know how much those devilish creatures can go north.

Anyway it's important to have the water flow, hopefully the new development in Toronto will make it better by relocating the river's end.
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please be real, it's perfect.
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