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Nola(Naples) - Commercial, Leisure and Service Center - by Renzo Piano

"Vulcano Buono" [Good Volcano] is the new huge structure projected by the famous architect Renzo Piano located in the countryside just few km outside Naples. This project will complete the Interport-CIS district of Nola.

The aim of this project is the modern concept of marketplace, contraposed to the traditional one in the center of Naples at Piazza Mercato.

The project design takes inspiration from the sorrounding landscape, in particular from the Vesuvio Vulcano. In fact the shape of the main building recalls a Volcano and with its 40 m of height and 320 m of diameter will become the central square of the entire district.

Vulcano Buono will host:
-a Hotel
-Business Center

The main idea of Piano is not the creation of another big mall, but an interpretation of the idea of cooperation in a modern key, a melting pot for the people occupied in the severals activities operated in the district, combined with the leisure structures and everyone connected by the big square.

The project, despite its dimensions, is studied to be eco-friendly: all the buildings are integrated in the landscape thanks to the immense park, with more than 2000 trees, that will sorround the entire district.

At the beginning, were involved 400 workers, in the central phase more than 2000. At the end, totally will be involved 8000/9000 workers.

Now I give space for some photos.

P.S. I'm sorry for the english. :bash:
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