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Chet Anekwe

Born in Nigeria, West Africa and raised in Queens, New York City, Chet Anekwe has performed in numerous stage productions and received rave reviews for his performances.
Anekwe's outstanding reviews and response for his portrayal of Joseph Cinque in Chap Am So (The Amistad Victory) lead to an NYC Audelco nomination for best actor in 1997
Chet Anekwe beat out over 10,000 contestants for the show,
ESPN Dream Job, where he made it to the final 8.
Chet can also be seen on the feature film Phat Girlz starring Monique Imes Jackson
He also stars in the upcoming Nigerian feature film, "30 Days".
Chet and the cast of "Real Black Men Don't Sit Crossed Legged On The Floor" won the 2006 'VIV' Audelco Award for "Best Ensemble Cast"!
Chet completed his short film "Mama's Great Love" which he wrote, directed and starred in. MGL is presently making the film festival rounds!

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Star actress, Eucharia Anunobi may have decided to put all the woes of her failed marriage and sickly son’s wahala behind her for once, to make a fashion statement with her “come and see” near nude appearance at the last Nigeria Music Award (NMA) night in Owerri, the Imo State capital.
She was indeed appearing as guest of the NMA for the very first time and for very obvious reasons, she confessed not to

Star actress, Eucharia Anunobie have attended the Movie Academy Awards (AMAA) for the movie industry for once.

The acclaimed Sharon Stone of the entertainment industry, in this interview explains her ‘breast’ taking dress.

What have you to say about hosting the NMA in your home state, Imo?

First and foremost, I want to say Governor Ohakim, of my state, is the first and best of the governors today.

This is the first time any governor has put something of this magnitude together for the entertainment industry. You can imagine Imo as a whole is standing still for the stars of the Nigerian entertainment industry. It is a great honour that has never been accorded to the industry

Are you aware that Bayelsa state hosted AMAA last year?

I have never attended AMAA. So I cannot say as of fact, what AMAA has done and what it has not done. When ever the AMAA award is being held, it is either I am outside the country or indisposed.

When the last one held, I was in the hospital with my son. Unfortunately, I have never been to AMMA Award. So I am talking about what I witnessed in Imo State. I saw cultural troupe, market women, school children, lining up the roads to welcome the stars. It has never been done.

How often do you visit home?

Imo is my state but I don’t live here, I wasn’t born here. I was born and bread in Lagos. I really have no business here per se because this is not where I work. Something big is happening here and I was invited. I feel honoured to be here.

What have you to say about the governor’s pledge to retain the hosting rights of the NMA?

That is his own idea because if you do not handle your office well, it will be taken from you and given to another person. If he says he wants to keep it on until he lives office and he has the resources, the ability and capability, why not? As long has he holds on to his thing well.

All the same, I feel it is an honour for the already established actors and actresses, especially the musicians for whose purpose we are all here. On the job as governor, he has been doing very well.

The upcoming ones, particularly the youths, would want to emulate the stars. They would want to be celebrated as we are being celebrated today. It will bring about a complete boost, a complete change in attitude and character of some parents who have this kind of negative views about their children and wards going into music or movies.

Your child would have learnt something from the event as well. Why didn’t you come with him?

My son is in school. He certainly can’t leave school to come and attend an event for now no matter the magnitude unless he’s on holidays. And talking about career choice and decision, I’m not going to decide for my son because nobody decided for me.

My father had wanted me to become a lawyer and I was like no, I don’t think I want to be a lawyer. I want to be in the entertainment industry. I pray the Lord Almighty to direct my son to be whatever he is destined to become. I know he is going to excel like his mother who is an excellent woman in her job.

Do you intend to also do music as some of your colleagues?

For now, I am not a great singer. That does not mean I don’t sing in the bathroom or in my house, car. I am not thinking professionally of singing because I haven’t sharpen my singing ability. I’d rather concentrate on doing my job as an actress. The only thing I will do is that I will clap for colleagues who want to sing. They should showcase whatever they have.

How does you appearance like this portray you as a role model?

Could you tell me how star actresses dress? You tell me the idea of how star actresses dress maybe I will learn from it. If you are talking about Africa and our culture, what are the clothing of Africa if we are really going to talk about it.

They wear jigida and beads on their waist and they leave their boos hanging open? I don’t know if you are talking from an illiterate point of view. I am sorry to say that. When you are talking about a role model, you talk about the content of the brain. The content of your ability and character as well as discipline.

You are not talking about clothing or what you have. When you come close to someone and observe the way he behaves, you will know if you are to take example from them because as long as the person is not a drug addict, the person doesn’t fight or talk stupidly to people outside but talk with reverence and the fear of God, that is what it takes to be a role model. As an actress, I have won seventeen awards and those awards ceremonies were organized by responsible people. If I’m not a role model, those awards will not be given to me.

It’s unheard of that somebody in the show business wearing boubou and tying head tie to an event. It’s about wearing the best fashion because people who made the clothes are fashion designers. They are not mad people, they are not crazy and insane people and I have reason to believe so.

I am wearing a designer’s apparel by Valentino and that is what stars are meant to wear. Star really are born and not made. A secondary school girl can not see me and dress like this because she has not achieve what I have achieved and she certainly cannot afford to buy it.

I am a star actress. When she gets to the level I have attained, that is when she thinks and can afford to dress the way I am dressed.

Do you think any serious man would be attracted to ask for your hand in marriage in an attire like this?

A woman being attractive. You are not enlightened. If you are enlightened you won’t be asking such question.
Source: Written by Richard Eghaghe

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Nollywood Business Forum inaugurated

Nollywood creme de la creme and indeed Nigeria’s business community gathered at the Sheraton Hotel and Towers to be part of the Nollywood Business Forum, NBF, the new baby of Nollywood which was formally inaugurated with the unveiling of the Academy statuette.

The event which saw Mr Emeka Mbah of the National Film and Video Censors Board representing the Honorable Minister of Information Mr John Odey was also graced by executives of top Nigerian banks including ECOBANK, Fidelity Bank, Intercontinental Bank, Diamond Bank. Also present at the event were PMAN president Tee Mac and his lieutenants who were also there just like the former MD of the NDDC Chief Emmanuel Agwariwviodo who was present there.

Others present include Ambassador Segun Olusola, former Director of programmes of NTA, Dr Victoria Ezeokoli .

Highlights of the event was the unveiling of the Academy Statuette and the investiture of Zik Zulu Okafor as the speaker of the Nollywood parliament, a think tank overseeing the organisation of whatever goes on in the NBF.

Mathias Obahiagbon, president of NBF says things had to change as far as the way the business of Nollywood was concerned.

He said “a new dawn had come for Nollywood and things will never be same again. We have been doing the show since fifteen years now. We want to do the business from now.

That is why all the financial institutions were invited to see what we are about. In the nearest future, we would continue to unveil what we want to do to redirect Nollywood for the better.For too long, we have been basking in the euphoria of Nollywood, the recognition it has given the nation, and its acceptance worldwide. Unfortunately, Nollywood has not transcended beyond just entertainment.

Majority of Film/Video practitioners have remained impoverished due to obvious and various innuendoes.

Nollywood Business Forum is an organization with strong bias for the business development and human capacity/technology building of the motion picture sector.

Our mission is to reengineer capacity building & effective business coordination, not only in the movie sub sector, but the motion picture industry at large.

It has an advisory board made up of men and women of very high integrity, but with interest in the arts and its business”

Zeb Ejiro, one of the big wigs of NBF concurs and say “ This is the time for Nollywood to rise from its slumber and make a head way. We cannot continue to do what we did since 1992, the same way we did them then. I would only love to say Nollywood here we come and nothing more as our plans will continue to unfold”

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Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde

Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde is one of the screen goddesses in Nigeria’s growing home video industry, Nollywood. She hit the linelight with her role in Mortal Inheritance and established her acting ability in Prostitute. “Omo Sexy” as the 28-year-old mother of four is fondly called by her fans is well endowed with a sexy figure.

After a ban by her Actors Guild of Nigeria, she channeled her energy into music and has released a CD

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Kate Henshaw

Since winning the best actress at AMAA, 2008, screen star Kate Henshaw Nuttal has started thinking about giving back to society what she may have gained from it.
Recently she made a trip to Project Alert headquarters, The Shelter, dubbed Sophia’s Place, tucked

Kate Henshaw-Nuttal some where on the outskirt of Lagos.

Project Alert is a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) on Violence Against Women and Young Girls, violated widows, housewives and young girls who were already waiting for her visit. Their joy, it was obvious, knew no bounds as they were touched by the glorious presence, emotional hugs and soothing words of the actress

On the day of the actress’ visit, some women victims of violation had just been discharged having had their cases treated.

Kate was hosted by Josephine Effah Chukwuma, project coordinator of the home who took her on a guided tour of the complex

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Chairperson of Nollywood Business Forum, Zeb Ejiro has been speaking on the organisation role for the Crystal Awards coming up in July.
The ace movie and television producer and director explains that Nollywood will never be same after.

The Crystal Award according to him, the Managing Director of Exim Bank India has gracefully accepted to deliver a paper on film financing with the most minimal cash.

This model has worked in India very well and Nigeria banks will do well to be part of this film. Aside this, the Commonwealth Business Council led by Peter Longworth will also be on ground to explain to Nigerian what it means to have a vibrant entertainment industry.

“We have four days of serious business beginning from the 10th of July running through the 13th. The first two days will see discussion on film financing with emphasis on local and international distribution while the last two days will see us celebrating in the biggest party even in Nollywood which ends in the Crystal Awards.

Already the Nollywood Academy of Arts and Sciences have been selecting and classifying the awards categories, Dr. Victoria Ezeokoli, the Chairperson Governing Board of NAS and her group have already met severally to see that Nigeria gets a very befitting award ceremonies.

Continuing, Ejiro says we do not only want to do awards for awards sake, we want to improve the business climate of Nollywood so that people do not only talk about the Glamour but to seek ways of financing the Glamour.

After July 2008, I fervently hope that the Nigeria movie industry will not be same, if the new distribution frame work eventually comes on stream, everything will change for the better. We would launch the N50 million film fund where Nollywood producers could pull from. We have entries for over 17 scripts to be supported.

We have received information that former UN scribe Kofi Annan will be in Nigeria to be part of the event. Also the biggest production company in India BR Production are set to collaborate with

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If the current posture of the leadership of the Film/Video Producers Marketers Association of Nigeria is anything to go by, there is hope that sanity will soon return into the film industry in the country.

For years, stakeholders have lamented the breakdown in decorum both at the levels of the quality of films being produced, and at the rate at which the market is being flooded with all manners of ‘films‘.

But at a crucial meeting held by the leadership of the association in Lagos on Tuesday, it rolled out new rules that, it believes, are bound to help mop up the scene.

It is the aftermath of a three-month break the industry had observed. The break was called off on June 2.

”We embarked on a number of far-reaching measures because we believe that reform never comes to a class of people unless those concerned have worked out their own salvation,” said the FVPMAN President, Emmanuel Isikaku.

Among others, it has become a sin for a film maker to release movies in double or multiple parts simultaneously.

Said Isikaku, ”Henceforth, there will be nothing like a Part One, Two, Three, Four or Five movies whether approved by the Censors Board or not until our people understand what it means to have a movie run up to that point.”

Indeed, the number produceable has been reduced to 11 per every two weeks.

”This will also take care of the film glut we are presently experiencing, thereby, making it possible for producers to recoup their investment to enable them produce standard movies,” he added.

The FVPMAN producer noted that part of the fruit of the break was that the practitioners had been able to open ”a whopping 16 outlets” in the country during the three months. He expressed the hope that all the 36 states of the federation would have outlets by the end of the year.

Meanwhile, the FVPMAN has also dissociated itself from a new distribution framework being proposed by the Nigerian Film and Video Censors Board.

On this, Isikaku said, “We are worried not because the idea is bad in itself, but because we are the core investors in the movie industry. We have our distribution network and if anybody wants to talk about structures to distribute our products, we are the right people he should seek advice from. But right now, the reverse is the case.”


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Year : 2005
Genre : Drama
Duration : o.a. 154 min.

Producer : Ada Anachunam
Director : Martin Abazie
Actors : Eucharia Anunobi-Ekwu, Tony Umez, Ashley Nwosu, Chidi Ihezie Okafor, Blessing Adibe

Synopsis : To the despair of her mother Janet, Adora has been married for years to Pascal and they remain childless.

Comments : Eucharia takes over from Patience Ozokwor the role of the evil mother-in-law, but Patience’s shoes are too big. Eucharia is just rowdy and unnecessarily violent. Tony Umez is one lucky bird, he comes out with two wives for the price of one!

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Nollywood Regenerates in Hollywood

Confronted with international appreciation of a homegrown Nigerian pop movie industry, imitatingly dubbed Nollywood in Hollywood, Los Angeles, last week, two Nigerian lawmakers could only readily promise to immediately canvass an industry fund that could propel the country's movie sector to the next level.

Senator Ayogu Eze, Chairman, Senate Committee on Information and Communications and Honourable Dina Melanye, his counterpart in the lower house, were obviously awed by Nollywood credentials as presented by industry operators and international watchers of the Nigerian movie industry at a Nollywood Foundation Convention which held at Hotel Sofitel on Beverly Boulevard, and confessed that time has come for government to make a determinate intervention through an industry fund.

It is possible to work on a fund in the immediate future while working on President Uamru Yar'Adua to endorse Nollywood, they both said at postmortem for the three-day event.

Call it a magic moment for the Nigerian movie industry, largely appreciated in the continent and Diaspora by an enthusiastic followership but dreaded and pretentiously snubbed by established movie industries of the advanced world who fear that the Nigerian version of the industry could influence and liberate new genres of communications in their part of the world.

Call it a glorious moment for the Nigerian legislature whose two members deviating from the norm of the past of Assembly members flying out of the country but totaling refusing to attend programmes for which they were allocated funds, actually sat in the conference from morning to night, asking questions and making very meaningful contributions, and also created time to attend some few conferences at the Los Angeles Film Festival.

Their summary of proceedings therefore and commitment to bring the Federal Government fully into the Nollywood picture didn't come as a surprise to the gathering that had appreciated their painstaking commitment and submissions through the conference.

"The Foundation has lit a fire that is going to burn without borders. We must all now continue to throw in folders in order to keep the fire burning," said Eze who hailed the organisers for tying the conference into the Los Angeles Film Festival.

The Senator's observation was very accurate. For, at that time of the year with the Los Angeles Film Festival and the BET Awards going side by side, the city is indeed tight and jammed and the ears and eyes of the industry moguls will not fail to notice any trace of development.

But that is the very reason the Nollywood Foundation now in its third edition was founded by a group of Nigerians scattered across the United States to advance the course of the Nigerian movie industry by going to the global heart of entertainment, and also inviting the international community to play a role.

"The foundation is an incorporated non-profit organisation that aims at bringing Nigerian movies and culture to the international audience and serves as a forum for new ideas and concepts. It also seeks to encourage Nigerian cultural developments projects in film and new media. The Nollywood Foundation is committed to supporting the Nigerian film industry and has developed programmes and events in order to achieve its mission," Egbe Dawodu, President of the Foundation told Vanguard at the Sofitel venue.

Since inception in 2006, the organisers have tried to build new bridges for Nigeria and industry operators. The African American actor is one of those new friends. "Nollywood can be sure to count on me as a friend," the popular star, Danny Glover said at the event last year.

Theme of this year's event which held in partnership with the Los Angeles Film Festal was "Beyond Limitations - Enhancing Film Production." From the first day the topic was deftly treated by movie makers, industry administrators, academicians, professionals, policy makers and government officials from different parts of the world.

Nearly all the speakers whether Nigerians or foreigners admitted that Nollywood is a unique case that Nigeria has to guide very jealously. They also warned that Nigeria should be mindful in the way foreigners are invited into the movie sector, counseling that they could just come in with their money to corrupt the industry.

"Nigeria is very lucky because you have a local safety net - huge population, not to talk of the Diaspora population," Rob Aft said. Aft largely hailed as the Nollywood ambassador has held topflight positions in the industry, served as educator in film schools, and also worked as analyst of the industry and adviser to the Cannes Film Festival, and has recently completed his seventh term as a member of the Board of Directors of the American Film and Marketing Association, AFMA, where he is chairman of the Buyer Accreditation Committee.

He is therefore in great a position to advise that our movie makers and government keep what they have and not allow the international community to destroy the essential element of the country's movie sector.

Part of that essential element is the art of story telling which is purely Nigerian; the video technology which Nigerians are using in telling our stories, and a huge population which if better nurtured could generate good returns on any properly made movie.

"Do not lose your language. Don't copy Hollywood because you can't. Take a bit of Hollywood, a bit of UK industry and do your film," someone admonished.

At the LA Film Festival, one speaker again drove point that home. Who is your audience - domestic or international? The North American market, he explained, is very closed. Then going further, the speaker pointed to India where 90 per cent of the films produced are for the local market while only about 10 per cent can find its way into the international market. And please note that India has the second largest film industry in the world after Hollywood.

North America is where you have Hollywood. Although the film capital of the world, only a few foreign films can actually push their way into the market and that doesn't happen often. The picture is better explained by the Oscar Awards where for

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THISDAY Festival: 60 International Journalists Storm Nigeria

An unprecedented number of international journalists from the world’s leading media organisations will cover the 2008 edition of THISDAY Music and Fashion Festival – starting with the first leg holding in Abuja on Friday.
In what is seen as a tribute to Nigeria’s fast-rising reputation as a cultural destination, journalists from reputable international media organisations have registered and have been accredited to cover the event.
Top journalists accredited are from print and electronic media, in addition to online and photo journalists.
Newspapers and magazines that are being represented include The Mail, Daily Express, Ebony, US Weekly and World Report, Rolling Stone, XXL, Vibe, Billboard, GQ, Vanity Fair and The Voice.
News agencies and electronic media include Reuters, Reuters TV, MTV, ITV, ITV Radio, BBC, WENL, Associated Press (AP), Press Association and Press Association TV. America Online (AOL) has also registered.

Freelance journalists who write for Time magazine and New York Times, among other international organs, have already been accredited.
Meanwhile, as the registration continues, more media organisations continue to indicate interest in being part of the epoch-making event.
This year’s festival, which is tagged “Africa Rising: To Celebrate the Best and Brightest of Emerging New Africa”, is designed to revolutionise global perspectives on African issues.
This is aimed at shifting focus from Africa’s problems to the opportunities, and from treating the “symptoms” to curing the “diseases” and projecting a positive image of Africa by showcasing the renaissance of Africa's music, fashion and the arts.
The organisers are of the view that what Africa needs is investment, not aid, and a new mindset can only be achieved through a celebration of the continent’s potentials.
As the build-up to the festival gathers momentum, American pop star, Jay Z, and British supermodel, Naomi Campbell, are expected to spend a day with the underprivileged children in Abuja.
The stars are showing their commitment to the African child by devoting time to the children with disabilities and those who are motherless.
The stars, who will be on parade during the first leg of the festival in Abuja, are also scheduled to plant trees as the Minister of Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Dr. Aliyu Modibbo Umar, launches the initiative to plant one million trees in his campaign turn Abuja “green” and combat global warming.
The tree-planting programme will place the country as environment-friendly as she seeks to become the haven of foreign investments in Africa.
Other stars who will join him in the environmental campaign are Usher, Youssou N’Dour and Rihana, and Nigerian stars, Faze and MI.
Fashion icons, Ozwald Boateng, Tiffany Amber, Alek Wek, Chris Aire, Momo and Oluchi are also scheduled to plant trees.

Tickets for music and fashion festival are already on sale at all branches of Diamond Bank Plc and THISDAY Media Stores, while worldwide ticket sales are at Guaranty Trust Bank, London.
After the first leg on Friday, July 11, in Abuja, Lagos will host the second leg on Sunday, July 13. Washington DC, USA and London, UK, will host the remaining legs on August 1 and October 14 respectively.
In line with the theme of “Africa Rising: To Celebrate the Best and Brightest of Emerging New Africa”, the festival will feature rising stars such as Faze, MI, Shank and 9ice in the Abuja and Lagos legs of the festival. Blackky, the reggae-ragga star, is also on the bill.
The show offers the emerging music and fashion stars an opportunity to expose themselves to the world as the festival plans to showcase their talents on the international stage.
For the Washington and London legs of the show on August 1 and October 14, respectively, Asa, 2Face and DBanj have been confirmed to fly Nigeria’s flag.
Should be a great success.:cheers:

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Jay-Z, Usher, Campbell Hit Abuja for 'Africa Rising'

As count-down to tonight's THISDAY Music Festival gradually ticks to zero, top artistes billed to perform at the event started arriving Abuja yesterday.

First to hit town was the United States-based acclai-med hip-pop gladiator, Usher Raymond, who arrived Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport aboard a Virgin Atlantic airline at 3.25 pm.

The musician, who was received on arrival by THISDAY airport protocol officers amidst tight security, waved to enthusiastic and anxious fans as he made his way into a waiting grey BMW car.

Immediately he moved out of the arrival hall of the VIP lounge, shouts of "Usher!" rent the air as most of the fans struggled to catch a glimpse of the American music super star.

Supermodels, Naomi Campbell and Alek Wek, also hit town to the excitement of Abuja residents yesterday. The last to arrive was American star, Jay-Z, who came in at 11.30 pm.

Youssou N'Dour and Rehana also arrived yesterday.

Other fashion and music icons who are already in town are Ozwald Boateng and Chris Aire.

Vehicle escort security for the arriving artistes was provided by a combined team of Police, State Security Service (SSS) and men of the Civil Defence Corps.

Clad in dark-blue jeans trousers with a black T-shirt and sporty canvas to match, Usher attracted the attention of the fans and other passengers around the airport as he strolled confidently to the car.

In the company of the musician were 15 others who joined a THISDAY Staff bus in the entourage before being driven in long motorcade to Transcorp Hilton Hotel.

Many of the fans who spoke to THISDAY at the airport said they had been waiting since morning to catch a glimpse of the music and fashion icons while some said they would wait till late night to see if they could see other artistes.

Meanwhile, the Director- General of the Nigerian Tourism Development Corporation (NTDC), Otunba Segun Runsewe, has stated that THISDAY has contributed immensely to harvesting the country's tourism capabilities through the festival.

According to him, "What THISDAY has done is to add value to the image of Nigeria and tourism. I want to use this medium to commend THISDAY on this laudable initiative. Now, this programme is going to add value to Nigeria's tourism potential. All the celebrities you are bringing in will speak for us when they leave. THISDAY has got the best acts in the world around and it is a pleasure to us as a people to celebrate this wonderful opportunity with THISDAY. THISDAY is helping us to add value to our tourism profile, repositioning Nigeria as a nation."

This year's THISDAY festival, which is tagged "Africa Rising: To Celebrate the Best and Brightest of Emerging New Africa", is designed to revolutionarise global perspectives on African issues. This is aimed at shifting focus from Africa's problems to the opportunities and from treating the symptoms to curing the diseases and projecting a positive image of Africa.
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