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post about the america and canada here,

since their forum is half dead

lets focus mainly about how it relates to australia, til it side tracks
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In the US state of Texas, gun owners can openly carry their weapons on the street and in most other public spaces, as well as on university campuses, giving the state the laxest gun laws in the country.

Texans still need to pass a federal background check when buying a firearm, however, state lawmakers approved a law earlier this year that reduced handgun licence application fees from $140 to $40, starting on September 1...
This is seriously messed up but if they want to like each other then so be it. Only maybe over time all the worst of people will kill each other off.

I hope this state also therefore has the death penalty for if one person is clearly proven guilty of killing a mass amount of people, or just one then perhaps that person can also be considered dead.

Like seriously. I would not think the death penalty should be allowed to even exist but if these kinds of gun laws exists then so should the death penalty.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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