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NORTH LINCOLNSHIRE Area - For any locations/areas around Hull, that are NOT being covered on the Hull and Humber Forum

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Recently, a thread has been set up in this 'communal area' of the forum, called "Northumberland Area Developments - Areas NOT covered on the Newcastle Forum"

That thread covers the areas in the 'extreme-West' and 'extreme-North' of the County of Northumberland.

Those areas have 'urban-development' issues, like any other area, but they are either not actually covered by the Newcastle Metro Area Forum (they are outwith the remit of that forum) or they are simply not easily covered on there, because they are not 'identifiable' with the Metropolitan Area.

I feel that there may well be a similar situation in certain areas of North Lincolnshire, where there are small developments and relevant issues for discussion, that do not readily fall to be covered by the Hull and Humber forum.

If so . . . they can be covered, and discussed, in this thread.
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East Yorkshire seems well covered in its own respective thread. The same should be set up for Scunthorpe (North Lincolnshire) and Greater Grimsby (North East Lincolnshire), both of which come under the Hull and Humber City Region.

It just seems that many areas of the country (largely rural/smaller towns) have negligable or absolutely no involvement on here. That is understandable and i think it will take significant regeneration in Grimsby and Scunthorpe before people from those areas think of joining up.
Perhaps a Northern Lincolnshire thread or some such? Inside the main Hull and Humber forum. Could be changed as and when more people from that area start joining. I keep my eye on news from around the region, so would post up anything worthwhile when possible.
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