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North Side vs. South Side

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Looking at this forum everyday as well as skyscraperpage I never seem to see much about the south side of chicago. All the photo tours are of the north side. I walked from the museum of science and industy to downtown last summer and it dident seem that bad. It was clean, there were nice parks along the lake front and many tree lined streets. It also seems that the south side gets alot of bad press as well, just turn on WGN for the nightly news. Its eaither a shooting or an apartment fire. Tell me these things don't happan on the north side as well. I am requesting an indepth tour of the south side, I hear there is much new construction in the area, will it ever be high rises along the souther lake front? How about the proposed grey line, is that going to happan in the near future, it seems like the best proposal out there. After high school I plan to move to Chicago and I want the views of people who live their. I don't want to live in a really expensive area eaither. Thier just has to be a couple of things in the area. Transit, a park and a basketball court. I have been to both areas and I would have to say that the north side is more viabrant but what do you think the south side will be like in 10 years? So chicago people tell me what you think. North Side or South Side??
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As a North Sider, I've gotta say: thank God for the South Side. It's real. It's gritty. It's muscular. It's what Carl Sandberg had in mind.

There may be more money on the North Side than the South, but a lot what made Chicago rich, the heavy industry that drove the place for so many years, was on the south.
Leopold and Loeb tops any crime story the North Side has ever had!
that was, of course, in the all important "human interest" category. For sheer volume, they were way, way, way down the list.
edsg25 said:
Leopold and Loeb tops any crime story the North Side has ever had!
How divided are ethnic groups by being located on the North and South sides?

I know of two examples:

Irish on the North Side are a group apart from the clearly identified South Side Irish. The North Siders don't get their own parade...or politicians!

Jews on the North Side always considered their bretheren down in Hyde Park and South Shore to be a breed apart. These South Siders even had to live with a unique and insidious form of anti-semitism: being classified as geographically undesirable. North Side Jews, at one time, believed that the South Side began at Lawrence Avenue. Only the shared heritage of Maxwell Street held the two together.

Any other such insanity out there among other Chicago ethnics?
amazing...i thought it was gritty and muscular long before the Great Migration. Gritty and real is what the South Side has always been about and it has nothing to do with race or ethnicity; a lot of it comes from a place with a far more industrial setting than the North Side has. Meanwhile, there is plenty of crime on the North Side.How the hell you could have read that into my quote is beyond me, especially since we've interacted here a number of times and I would have thought that you would know that is not what I would think. I find that insulting, Oshkeoto, for what it's worth. I was born on the South Side, know it well, and respect it....and personally I don't give a flying **** what someone's race, ethnicity, or religion is, and I resent the fact that you thought I do.

Next time, you may consider that what I am implying is far more benign than what you are inferring. It seems to me that I wasn't the one taking the low road here; you were.
oshkeoto said:
"As a North Sider, I've gotta say: thank God for the South Side. It's real. It's gritty. It's muscular. It's what Carl Sandberg had in mind. "

...yeah, just as long as you don't have to live there.

That was kind of a bogus thing to say. Condescending. The South Side, with all those black guys, all the crime! How gritty! How quaint! How "real"!
I didn't mean to make that much of it in the first place, but truth be known, when I thought of "grit" I did not me "downtrodden". Look at it this way: Printers Row in Chicago and Soho in Lower Manhattan have grit, but are by no means downtrodden.

As far as condescending, I wasn't heading there either (I hope). While I applaud the city's turnaround and desirabiltiy, I would hardly applaud what we've created on the city's North Side: money counts too much and while racial and ethnic diversity is applauded, economic diversity is shunned. Meanwhile, while there is much to like, much of the North Side has been turned into a rather plastic world. The Disney influence is there.
oshkeoto said:
You're right, you've generally been more understanding of racial issues in this city than most people on the forum, and you're not one of the people who generally romanticizies grit in an offensive way. That being said, though, I did see a kind of condescending undertone to what you said, even if it wasn't what was in your mind consciously.
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