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North Side vs. South Side

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Looking at this forum everyday as well as skyscraperpage I never seem to see much about the south side of chicago. All the photo tours are of the north side. I walked from the museum of science and industy to downtown last summer and it dident seem that bad. It was clean, there were nice parks along the lake front and many tree lined streets. It also seems that the south side gets alot of bad press as well, just turn on WGN for the nightly news. Its eaither a shooting or an apartment fire. Tell me these things don't happan on the north side as well. I am requesting an indepth tour of the south side, I hear there is much new construction in the area, will it ever be high rises along the souther lake front? How about the proposed grey line, is that going to happan in the near future, it seems like the best proposal out there. After high school I plan to move to Chicago and I want the views of people who live their. I don't want to live in a really expensive area eaither. Thier just has to be a couple of things in the area. Transit, a park and a basketball court. I have been to both areas and I would have to say that the north side is more viabrant but what do you think the south side will be like in 10 years? So chicago people tell me what you think. North Side or South Side??
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Do most people really want to live on the North Side? There are thousands and thousand of people on the South and West Sides who have absolutely no desire to live on the North Side. I'm one of those people.

The North Side is way too pretentious. The people there act like the rest of the metropolitan area does not exist. Well, I've got news for you. Many of us could care less about the North Side. Sure, I go there every so often but there is no reason for me to EVER go north of, say, Division St.
Chi-town said:
There are parts of the South Side that are improving, and there are areas that are nice already (i.e. Hyde Park, although the downside there is access to downtown). But there is a reason why most people want to live on the North Side.
How do those people make Chicago rich? :lol:
Chi-town said:
Yep; and now the accountants, bankers, lawyers, marketing execs, etc that make Chicago rich live on the North Side.
So, only people who live on the North Side work in the financial services field. Gotcha....
Chi-town said:
America as a whole, and its successful cities, have been making a transition for decades from a manufacturing to a service economy. Cities like New York and Chicago now thrive thanks to jobs in areas like financial services, not factories.
Most Caucasians want to live on the North Side. That's not neccessarily true with minorities although some certainly do. The North Side hasn't seen the rough times that the South Side has. It's more built up and didn't suffer at the hands of greedy landlords(white ones) who burned down properties for insurance money. There is a fair amount of construction going on here on the South Side. It's only a matter of time before it becomes built up again.

I may not have a reason to go to north of Divion but I often do. That's much more than I can say for people like you. As for suburbanites, yes, they do matter. There are over 5 million of them and many spend money here in the city. I'll admit that it's very rare for me to set foot in most suburbs, especially the northern ones.
Chi-town said:
Great. But if one believes in the basic economics of market capitalism, and I do, they would disagree with you. I don't doubt that many South and West siders have no desire to live on the North Side. But most people in general (including, of course, those moving to the city from elsewhere) absolutely do. There is a reason prices are higher on the North Side, and it is because there is more demand to live there.

And you're sort of the pot calling the kettle black with that last statement, Dampyre. You say yourself that you have no reason to ever go north of Division Street... why would I need to go south of Roosevelt? Both sides of the city have everything local residents need, and for anything else one can go downtown (that's the point of a downtown, is it not?). And Chicagoans on both sides of the city could care less about the suburbs, for the most part.
Ok, wrapping this up one can come to this conclusion:Chicago is basically downtown and the North Side surrounded by two enormous ghettos and sprawl.
Chi-town said:
^ Well, since most of the U.S. population happens to be white, my assertion that "most people" want to live in the North Side is accurate if one isn't hung up on race.

Most do; there are few upper middle class South Side neighborhoods.
There are quite a few segregated neighborhoods on he North Side. In fact, overall I'd say that the South Side is more diverse.
Chicago3rd said:
But it did note that the biggest populace that tends to not want to segragate are African American both in the city and the suburbs. And we all know that the most segragated non-diverse neighborhoods are located in the south side.
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