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Told you so...
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I think the mere fact that "Baltimore" is registering a big fat gooseegg at the moment is proof positive of the disadvantages of subforums as discussed in the "how to make the NE forum better" thread.

Anybody else notice that?

Otherwise, give it time to fill in. I think the Buffalo forumers actually number around 30, given everybody who has ever once posted. I actually had a list at one point, and somebody else had compiled one in a thread as well. I also know Rochester and Philly have well more than one and so far Pittsburgh and Boston are registering zero as well. Give it time.

Perhaps this thread should be stickied "for research topic purposes"? I know we were complaining about stickies as well, but this thread has potential for being useful for something down the road.
1 - 20 of 35 Posts
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