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NOTTINGHAM | Arkwright Street | 4 - 12 Floors | 40m | Prep

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Height - 25m / 82ft

Floors - 4 - 8

Space - 593 residential units (420 student + 177 PRS)

Use - Retail + Student + Residential

Architects - Stephenson Studio

Developer - Sheriff Way Nottingham Ltd

Planning Application Submitted

  • Student apartments in the west block
  • PRS in the east block
  • Retail units will flank Carrington Street

The Site


Massing Models & Diagrams

Interactive Development Map

You can view as to where the development is on my Nottingham Interactive Development Map:

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Wow. Ok, It’s a bit bulky and brown, but what a difference it will make. That site’s been empty for decades.
They're highly desired now in a mid-Covid world, but a post-Covid world will see no special need for social distancing, It'll be like six months ago but with a fucked economy.
Just realised that this building doesn't appear to have balconies. It would be a shame as they are going to be highly desired in the post covid world.
I think I've read that article before. Did we have this conversation a few weeks ago? 😆

Balconies are great and a lovely semi-private option for open space when you're in the middle of the city but I'm not sure they're Coivd-dependent.

I guess the problem with this development is that it was pitched first as a student development, then changed to a private rented so it's still pretty low-end.
That's fighting talk!

The images you've posted are interesting because they show how you need that tower to balance the scale of Unity Square. Without it, Unity Square looks stupid and out of place.
I grew in Northamptonshire and currently when you leave Nottingham station and turn your head slightly to the left i get strong Kettering vibes, and that's doing a discredit to Kettering.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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