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NOTTINGHAM | Arkwright Street | 4 - 12 Floors | 40m | Prep

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Height - 25m / 82ft

Floors - 4 - 8

Space - 593 residential units (420 student + 177 PRS)

Use - Retail + Student + Residential

Architects - Stephenson Studio

Developer - Sheriff Way Nottingham Ltd

Planning Application Submitted

  • Student apartments in the west block
  • PRS in the east block
  • Retail units will flank Carrington Street

The Site


Massing Models & Diagrams

Interactive Development Map

You can view as to where the development is on my Nottingham Interactive Development Map:

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This actaully has some nice little quirks. Really like the curved corner secion and how those 3 windows have been inset. Although its big and bulky its broken up another to give some interesting views. This could actually be really good with some really decent windows (which i assume won't happen) but it could really elevate it.. Good news though.. This would have been clad in some shit plastic tile 2 years ago and look dated as soon as it went up. Hooray for the British brick...
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I think i prefered it before.. This is similar to the Network Rail site.. Looks a bit more welcoming at ground level though..
Looks great. We've been talking about these things for years and within the blink of an eye the whole area is being transformed! And whats more the majority of the buildings aren't shit!
I really quite like the top floor as well. I'm not usually a fan as it usually looks like the architect just can't decide how to finish the building off but i think given that the corner section is double height and there's a slight slope to the vertical section it's all quite striking.. Obviously the finish is the key but given the renders and whats been built around here recently we seem to be getting into a situation where each new developement is slightly better than the last.. Developers almost seem to have a bit of pride in what they're putting up..
Exciting times, really like this chap..
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